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You have hit this page because you probably have a negative article or website ranking in a high position in Google or another search engine, that is costing you money or unfairly damaging your reputation. We have over ten years of experience of dealing with this kind of online reputation management and have done so for large and small companies alike as well as lobby groups, individuals and politicians.

Online reputation management is a delicate matter to deal with. The most important thing is to address the issue or issues that caused the negative articles or websites to appear. Once this is done and you are ready to move into recovery mode, our vast experience in dealing with this kind of thing means we can act swiftly to try and reduce its impact.

We would typically analyse the “strength” of the negative article or website as perceived by a search engine. This would allow us to then identify the opportunities and tactics that we know would help to gradually move it further down the search engines. We also use state of the art search engine optimization software to better understand the full scale of the situation by looking at other pages, articles and and websites that surround the negative content.

Once a recovery plan is in place and an online public relations campaign begins, we would typically expect to see positive results within three months (as per the case studies below) but it can often take longer, depending on the strength of the site that contains the negative content. Whilst we will never guarantee to get a piece of negative content removed entirely from a search engine (this is virtually impossible), we can make sure that it goes into the never-land of search, i.e. page three or below, where internet users very rarely venture.

Case Study One - High Street Retailer Headache

The situation

A high street retailer came to 10 Yetis with an online reputation management issue that was causing them to lose £50m per week. A globally renowned media outlet had written an incorrect and negative article about their business. The company was locked in a legal battle about the article but needed to address the money it was costing them.

The Plan

The content was on such a big global news website that it was appearing for many of the brand’s keyword searches. Our team immediately knew that this was going to be a tough job. We put together a strong campaign plan that included technical search engine optimization, earned media public relations campaigns, paid editorial and website building.

The results

Within three month the content was already moving down but was still, frustratingly, page one. From months six to nine months the piece was floating around the top of page two and the bottom of page one. Most importantly, sales were recovering. Within twelve months the article was on page three and sales had returned to the previous volumes and growing.

Case Study Two – Lobbying campaign uses underhand tactics to try and ruin a competitor

The situation

Our client, a lobbying group, came to us to ask us to try and address and help them understand why a short, but negative piece, on one of the world’s most renowned news websites was ranking second in search engines when you searched for their name.

The plan

We analysed the piece of negative content and discovered that it was ranking highly because a link-network was pointing all of its links at this one story. A “link-network” is when a group of websites, typically hundreds, and controlled by one company, use the combined strength of the network to falsely inflate the importance of a web site or web page that they are all linking to.

We were able to identify the majority of the sites in the link network and even found a landing page for the network where you could buy links from. Buying links is, quite rightly, a big no-no in the eyes of all search engines and once the network was discovered, it was quickly ignored by the majority of search engines.

We combined this activity with a series of earned media, online public relations campaigns as well as helping to optimise the lobbying group website and associated pages in order to make sure that they stayed at the top of the rankings for their key terms and phrases.

The results

Once the link network had been discovered it took a further three months for the offending article to start moving down the various search engines and within six months it had gone down to page four.

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