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We were at the forefront of doing packshot videos for product retail innovators before they went mainstream. Oh hey hipsters. From sporting brands and goods, packaging and baggage, through to pieces of IT equipment, we have done it all.

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What is a packshot video?

A packshot video can be either still or moving images of products, they are mainly produced for use on websites, but images can be useful for any other media you choose, such as brochures and magazines. The packshot can feature the product, its packaging and labelling, and any other important features of the item. It stands as the reputation for your product, it’s where customers will get the first impression of your product and so high quality is key. It’s the comparable standard. Packshot photography or videography can be very cost and time efficient, multiple shots can be completed in a day and at a reasonable price.

Photo or video packshots?

We can offer both photography and video options for packshots, depending on budget and on how you want your products displayed. Our rates are very competitive and we are transparent from the initial quote how much the finished videos or photographs will cost.

Video is the way the industry is moving when it comes to packshots for websites, photography gives a less honest look at the product, customers have more trust in video as it’s harder to fake. It’s been proven that incorporating video packshots into your website can increase purchase conversions by 20-25%. (eMarketer) User experience is improved and user returns are less likely when they’ve been able to look over the product online in a packshot video before purchasing. It gives an authentic feel to online shopping, and customers feel more comfortable with buying products when it feels as if they have a full feel of the product.

Photography is still a useful and glossy way to portray an item. Photography packshots are less time consuming and can sometimes work out cheaper than video options. Our photography is of an extremely high standard and you will be happy with how we can make your product shine. We can provide multiple angles of a product allowing a customer to get a full view of an item. A high quality image can really impact the impression given to a customer, if they can see a product in close-up detail they are more likely to move ahead with a purchase as they’ll know what they’re getting. We can also offer a dual package of both photo and video packshots which can be shot at the same time saving money and hours.

How we create packshots

Packshots can be shot on a plain white background, or can be set up with a relevant background or something to show off the product’s image. We can shoot these in our studio which has a white background, we also have a product turntable which allows a smooth rotation so we can capture the product from every angle and see every detail. We can also film and photograph at your office/warehouse if it is easier, bringing our portable white screen if required. It there are lots of products involved in the shooting this can help to save on expensive travel and transportation for the products.

A professional finish

We put emphasis on creating a professional clean finish to your photo or video packshots. We use high quality camera equipment and lighting to capture the ‘best sides’ of your products. We will always edit your photos to the highest standard and can supply the images with transparent backgrounds if required. We have a dedicated graphic design team who will work with your images to make them look their best. Our video editors will put the video packshots together and make any finishing touches that are needed such as a watermark or any colour adjustments.

We’ll agree a best method of delivery with you, which will be especially important if many products are involved because of high quality video/photograph file size. The options consist of private online transfer of which delivery speed depends on internet upload and download speeds. Or we can offer delivery of files on a hard drive with all completed files present organised and labelled.

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If you think you’d like to work with us on your perfect product packshots, then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for a quote and to discuss your project. We’re confident we can create the perfect high quality video and photographs for you and your company and at a competitive rate.

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