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We can provide you with a paid search strategy that lets you achieve your desired awareness immediately, allowing you to stay in control and manage your spending, whilst gaining targeted traffic to your website.

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How It Works

Paid search is essentially an advert on search engines. Unlike static adverts that you usually see on websites, paid search changes depending on the user’s search input, therefore your listing will be relevant to the user and potential customers, promoting genuine click-throughs.

Genuine click-throughs are important for businesses as they help the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings, determining how highly your website is ranked outside of the advertisement section of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). View our organic search page for more information on how we can help you improve your SEO ranking.

Pay Per Click and Cost Per Impression

There are two main types of paid search options; Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM*).

Pay Per Click is exactly as the name suggests; you pay the search engine each time a user clicks on your advert listed on their SERP. This is the more popular of the two because you pay each time your traffic increases.

Cost Per Impression* is where you pay the search engine each 1,000 times a user sees your advert listed on their SERP. This payment is made regardless of whether users click-through to your website or not.

Not sure which paid search to use? In general, PPC is better for sales and brands that already have some recognition and CPM is mostly used to gain brand awareness from potential customers. Get in touch if you want to find out the best strategy for your brand.

* Note: The M in CPM stands for 1,000, hence the abbreviations of cost per impression.

Already Have A Paid Search Strategy?

Whether you think your paid search strategy is working or not for you, we are help to make sure your current strategy is the best for you. If it’s not, we can assist you through the whole process and check you are getting the most for your money. This is significant, especially if your strategy is outdated as this process needs to be constantly maintained to be as valuable for your business as possible.

Disadvantages Of Paid Search

  1. Competitive – as paid search is becoming more popular, it is getting more & more competitive and increasingly difficult to reach as many potential new customers as there is a limited amount of space for adverts. Search engines have allocated spaces for adverts and they need to make sure there are still organic search results, with adverts taking up limited space on the page.
  2. Cost – the cost mostly depends on the competitiveness of your industry. As more brands from the same industry want to be listed, the price will increase in line with the demand, and brands will need to fork out more money to get a space or a desired position on the SERP. This does lead to larger brands in competitive industries having an advantage over smaller brands with a smaller budget.
  3. Limited reach – most internet users can tell straight away which listings are adverts and some will prefer to use the organic search results. To get the best click-through rates, make sure your paid search and organic search strategies are well managed.

Advantages Of Paid Search

  1. Immediate results – paid search strategies are visible only once they have all been set up, whilst organic search strategies take more time to show any changes.
  2. More accurate expectations – with paid search strategies the result of the strategy is easy to predict, unlike organic search results which are more difficult to predict as it depends on the search engines’ algorithm.
  3. Targeting potential customers – as your advert only shows up when a user’s search input is relevant, the desired results of genuine click-throughs, sales and brand awareness are more likely to be seen.
  4. Control – with a paid search strategy you are able to control the whole process including scheduling, targeting locations and specifying which times the listings show up.
  5. Increase brand awareness – even without click-throughs, having your website listed in the advertisement section of the search engine will increase your brand awareness to potential customers.

Not For You?

Don’t feel like paid search will work for your business? We can still help you get a higher ranking on search engines with our organic search strategy.

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Whether you want to know more about our paid search strategy, or whether paid or organic search is the best option for your business right now, give us a call and we can discuss all possible options.

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