Social Media Management & Strategy

Clear and simple social media campaigns, no jargon or buzzwords, we keep it simple and always deliver. Social media is not difficult; it's all about the conversation. We know how to start, facilitate and develop the conversation, and more to the point, we know how to make it work for your brand.

Our expertise

Social Media Strategy Planning

Strategy Planning

We are at the forefront of digital communications; driving traffic, links, sales and helping to manage your online public relations campaigns.

By forming a solid strategy that integrates additional marketing activity, you can be sure that your messages will be heard by the right people, in the right place and at the right time. We’ll analyse yours and your competitors’ current social media activity, make suggestions on what your brand could be doing better and help you put in place a plan that is realistic, consistent and will set you apart from the competition. We know just how important it is to receive a return on your investment, so we will help you identify the right metrics to determine success based on your business or campaign goals.

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Online Public Relations Services

Account Management

If you’re promoting services, products or you simply want to raise the profile of your brand, we can work with you to manage all of your social media accounts.

Your staff are your brand’s biggest ambassadors; they know your business inside out. At 10 Yetis Digital we understand that in order to deliver top notch social campaigns that promise hardcore results, we need to get to get under the skin of your business and identify the opportunities that will help your brand stand out amongst all the noise. By outsourcing your social media to us you will gain a whole team of specialists that will bring a refreshing, original approach to your online communications

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Influencer Outreach from 10 Yetis Digital

Influencer Outreach

We have helped to successfully launch technology products, apps and services for some of the world’s largest companies through influencer outreach.

For more than ten years, we’ve worked hard to develop a large and hugely varied network of high profile bloggers and social media influencers. Tapping into influencers’ reach and communities, extends your network to ensure you get the right people talking about your product or service. Today, when a consumer wants to find out about a product, they research online. They value and trust word-of-mouth more than advertising, so this is a great way to promote your product or service in a non-agressive way that will encourage positive brand experiences and sales.

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Social Media Audits

Social Media Audit

If you’ve been running your social media accounts for a while, but you think theyo could do with a bit of a refresh, then our social media audit is for you

Social media isn’t just about pushing out content, no matter how fun or cute it is. It’s about listening to your audience and its needs, and delivering a mixture of the right brand experiences and user generated content to make your product or service their first choice. Sometimes, brands can get bogged down too much with followers or likes, but the true sign of a successful social channel is an engaged audience.

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