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When it comes to finding a company to manage your social media accounts we are bias (of course), but we honestly believe our approach is the best way to ensure that you hit the goals of your campaigns.

Social Media Our Expertise

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Immersive social campaigns

We are firmly of the belief that no-one knows your brand and industry as well as you do. This is why we feel it is vital that, should you choose 10 Yetis Digital to manage your social media accounts on a day-to-day basis, we spend as much time as possible immersing ourselves in your brand.

ROI for Social Campaigns

Yes, getting sales from social media activity is the Holy Grail, and yes, we can give case studies of where we have done this for companies, but we would challenge brands to try and see the wider benefits of using social channels. We want to make sure that your online activity reflects your company’s ethos and tone, not just the online equivalent of a budget sausage factory, churning out sales and marketing messages.

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Engaging your audience

Building an engaged audience via social media is vital for the long-term success of any company. An engaged audience is one that will support you in times of trouble, be there to advise you when you are looking for feedback and last but not least, celebrate the good times when they come along. This means far more than constant competitions, although a few every now and again never hurt anyone, and posting funny pictures of pug dogs and dancing cats.

The Process

Our campaigns are never the robotic “four tweets and two Facebook updates per day” in their design or execution. We want your campaigns to be a natural extension of how your company would normally operate.

The day-to-day social media campaign management timescales that we suggest are all worked out in three month blocks. We have found that this is the best way to plan ahead in workable chunks, and reflects the need to adapt and be flexible to the modern-day, ever-changing, habits of consumers. Our team works in-line with your overall social media strategy (we can help deliver this if needed) to pull together a timeline of what is going to be happening on each day.

This means that we can prepare all of the various supporting materials, such as videos, images, social widgets and alike, well in advance and get them ready for deployment. It also means that we can make sure, beforehand, that the campaign plans are dovetailed with your wider marketing activities and search engine optimisation campaigns, a vital requirement in new digital age.

Finally, we report back in any format that you require. From the setting up of goals tracking in Google Analytics, to plugging in tracking widgets as part of the sales and ecommerce process, right through to simply measuring the engagement of each piece of activity that going on via social platforms, we can advise and do it all.

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Social Media Management - What the experts says

Andy Barr - Head Yeti at 10 Yetis Digital

Andy Barr – CEO, 10 Yetis

"Social media account management is all about community engagement for me. It is about finding the balance between glossy and slick content but also the behind the scenes or user generated content that gives consumer a look under the company bonnet.

On top of this I think that building an engaged audience and community is absolutely vital so hold back on posting endless competitions and give-aways that bring the pro-compers on board (such as our very own MD, Shannon) who maybe don’t engage long-term with the brand. Instead, build a tight knit community so that when you do come to share something big with them, not only do they celebrate, but they also help spread the word."

Shannon Peerless - Managing Director  at 10 Yetis Digital

Shannon Peerless – MD, 10 Yetis

"Social media account management is an imperative part of reputational management, so should go hand in hand with your PR activity. Social media is one of the first places people tend to go when they want to complain about something, especially Twitter for example.

Without a solid social media account management function, you are putting your brand at risk.

You need to activate social listening and community management to find any negatives floating around about your brand quickly and take the conversation offline to limit damage. Things can be easily missed without a solid social media team being on high alert."

Geoff Haigh - Head of Operations & Ecommerce at 10 Yetis Digital

Geoff Haigh - Head of Operations & Ecommerce, 10 Yetis

"Social media is all about producing positive statistical output using maximum creative input, but without proper management this can rapidly descend into a zero-sum game. More time spent on the creative aspects of a social media campaign inevitably produces better ‘numbers’ for the client, whereas the reverse will bring it crashing down, so how do you win?

The use of a good social media management tool (e.g. Hootsuite) will provide the most efficient flow of audience-winning creativity simultaneously to the entire suite of target SM platforms and will collate all of that dreamy campaign information in the background, in real time, whilst you’re talents are concentrated on the core of the campaign. let’s face it, no-one dreams of a career in social media because of a love for applied mathematics. Managing and using statistical information on the fly like this will allow you to run an instantly reactive campaign as well as create a solid client base for future campaigns."

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Steph Searle - Head of Social Media at 10 Yetis Digital

Steph Searle – Head of Social, 10 Yetis

"A community is at the heart of social media management. For me, its important to get an understanding of what your community want from you, not just what you want them to see (and buy!). Engage with them, find out why they love you, and give them a reason to talk to you - this helps to build brand advocates and keeps you top of mind when looking to make a purchase or recommendation to a friend, family or sometimes, even a stranger (think Trustpilot, Feefo or Facebook recommendations)."

Karen Lee - Web Developer at 10 Yetis Digital

Karen Lee – Web Developer and Content Creator, 10 Yetis

"Social media account management is key to growing and maintaining your social platforms, creating a persona for your audience makes you stand out from the rest. In terms of posting, it’s always quality over quantity, so make sure what you post is engaging for your audience and don’t just post for the sake it.

I’m all about the stats, so checking and updating your content based on what is preforming well is critical to developing your online presence. There are lots of tools out there that help analyse this data to make your life easier, so find the best one for your platforms."

Hayley Malsom - Social Media Account Executive  at 10 Yetis Digital

Hayley Malsom, Social Account Executive, 10 Yetis

"For me it is important to understand the current trends. This isn't just about what the latest dance on TikTok is, but also how brands and consumers are using the different platforms. By understanding this and keeping up to date with platform changes and updates, you can tailor your content to the current needs of each channel."

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Lewis Cooke - Graphic designer at 10 Yetis Digital

Lewis Cooke - Graphic Designer and Social Media Content Creator, 10 Yetis

"From a design perspective, creating content for client social media accounts is a fast-paced working environment. It requires you to output work to a professional quality all while keeping ahead of the calendar.

The work is only as good as the ideas and execution behind them which is why keeping up with design trends and new technology is essential in our industry to stay in tune with external ideas and viewpoints to help influence our own creative thinking. Not only this but having a team of dedicated content writers behind the creatives is a necessity to maintain a consistent and coherent balance throughout the work we produce for our clients."

Federica Rustignoli - Social Media Account Executive at 10 Yetis Digital

Federica Rustignoli - Social Media Account Executive, 10 Yetis

"Strategy, strategy, strategy! Social Media Management is another key element in the integrated marketing strategies that all companies should include in their marketing plan.

"It’s not about the quantity, but the quality of the content you publish on your page. That means not just posting for the sake of it, but instead having a strategy based on specific content pillars that will help you reach your audiences, engage with them, and potentially convert them into your customers.

A combination of paid advertising and a strong organic content is the perfect combo to make the best of your social accounts. Don’t forget, the secret of selling is not telling your audience you want to sell!"

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Video Transcript

H: “Hi, I’m Hayley Malsom and I’m an Account Executive on the social media team here at 10 Yetis.”

A: “Hi, my name’s Andy Barr and I’m the CEO and co-founder of 10 Yetis Digital.”

H: “Today, we’ll be talking all about the social media management services we offer here at 10 Yetis.”

A: “So, let’s get started with the nitty-gritty. What do you think, Hayley, is the most important thing when it comes to social media and getting the most from it?”

H: “While your organic content is important, you need to know about paid media and why that is so, so beneficial to all of your content and marketing strategies.”

A: “Yeah, I think it’s important that you understand you need to use paid social to amplify your content and even, you know, in some cases that paid thing will kick it off and then you’ll get a lot more organic come-through afterwards. You know, we see that quite a lot on Facebook and TikTok, don’t we?”

H: “100%.”

H: “So, obviously, we know that paid is really important but what should the basis of every campaign be?”

A: “Well, I think it’s about having a plan as we know. You know, it’s important you’ve got a strategy, you’re not just winging it. You know, you’re not just rocking up on the day and trying to hastily find some content or create some content, get a client to approve it and just bang it out there. It’s important that we have a really tight, scheduled plan and we know what we’re trying to achieve.”

A: “So, we’ve established that, you know, it’s a pay-to-play environment. We know that the plan needs – a plan needs to be in place. Now, what are the next steps for you?”

H: “As soon as we start looking at a plan for a month or, you know, a campaign, we always have to look back at what’s worked really well in the past, what hasn’t worked so well, so we know exactly, you know, what to do. There’s no point constantly reinventing things. If you know a certain type of content works well, you’re going to use that type of content over and over again.”

H: “So, while all of that is important, what can we do to know the brand the best possible way?”

A: “So, I think from us, what we try and do is brand immersion. So, when we first start working with a client, we really get into the nuts and bolts, as you know. You know, we understand every potential question that they could be asked or have been asked historically on social media. We know what the answers are because there’s nothing worse than potentially escalating a situation by not knowing or not replying quickly enough to a question that comes through on social media. So, I think that’s another really key point of social media account management – understanding the client and getting behind the scenes and being an extension of their team, really.”

A: “So, one of the things that I’m really proud of is the quality of our content and how it performs.”

H: “Absolutely, all of our teams work together. The social team are constantly communicating with the design team to make sure that content is perfect. We do not let anything go out that Andy would not boast about.”

A: “And that’s echoed by the fact we’ve even got a French bulldog just because it’s cute. We lock it in a cupboard outside of hours.”

H: “Before we talk about our top tips, we really should start talking about sales.”

A: “Too many social people think that talking about sales is a bad word and that’s not what we’re about. We’re looking to try to get sales from social media, it’s our number one focus and I think one of the differences is we’re really plugged into places like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, we do a lot of goal tracking. Obviously, we use UTM links in a lot of our social content because we want to be able to turn around to clients and say ‘look, we’ve played a part in that sale’ and prove our worth. So, for us, it’s – like – absolutely core of what we do, getting sales is the most important part of our work.”

H: “Here.”

A: “Are.”

H: “Our.”

A: “Five.”

H: “Top.”

A: “Social.”

H: “Media.”

A: “Management.”

H: “Tips.”

A: “Woo!”

A: “Number one: have a plan, stick to it and don’t just leave your content until the last minute.”

H: “Tip two: repurpose content, you might as well get more bang for your buck.”

A: “Tip number three: audit your existing content and see what’s worked. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.”

H: “Tip number four: sales isn’t a bad word – make sure you’re using the UTM tracking links and that way, you can contribute your social media to those sales.”

A: “Tip number five: get a cute dog.”

A: “I don’t know about you, Hayley, but I really fancy a dirty call to action.”

H: “Get in touch –”

A: “Sultry.”

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