Social Media Management

When it comes to finding a company to manage your social media accounts we are bias (of course), but we honestly believe our approach is the best way to ensure that you hit the goals of your campaigns.

Our Expertise

Immersive social campaigns

We are firmly of the belief that no-one knows your brand and industry as well as you do. This is why we feel it is vital that, should you choose 10 Yetis Digital to manage your social media accounts on a day-to-day basis, we spend as much time as possible immersing ourselves in your brand.

ROI for Social Campaigns

Yes, getting sales from social media activity is the Holy Grail, and yes, we can give case studies of where we have done this for companies, but we would challenge brands to try and see the wider benefits of using social channels. We want to make sure that your online activity reflects your company’s ethos and tone, not just the online equivalent of a budget sausage factory, churning out sales and marketing messages.

Engaging your audience

Building an engaged audience via social media is vital for the long-term success of any company. An engaged audience is one that will support you in times of trouble, be there to advise you when you are looking for feedback and last but not least, celebrate the good times when they come along. This means far more than constant competitions, although a few every now and again never hurt anyone, and posting funny pictures of pug dogs and dancing cats.

The Process

Our campaigns are never the robotic “four tweets and two Facebook updates per day” in their design or execution. We want your campaigns to be a natural extension of how your company would normally operate.

The day-to-day social media campaign management timescales that we suggest are all worked out in three month blocks. We have found that this is the best way to plan ahead in workable chunks, and reflects the need to adapt and be flexible to the modern-day, ever-changing, habits of consumers. Our team works in-line with your overall social media strategy (we can help deliver this if needed) to pull together a timeline of what is going to be happening on each day.

This means that we can prepare all of the various supporting materials, such as videos, images, social widgets and alike, well in advance and get them ready for deployment. It also means that we can make sure, beforehand, that the campaign plans are dovetailed with your wider marketing activities and search engine optimisation campaigns, a vital requirement in new digital age.

Finally, we report back in any format that you require. From the setting up of goals tracking in Google Analytics, to plugging in tracking widgets as part of the sales and ecommerce process, right through to simply measuring the engagement of each piece of activity that going on via social platforms, we can advise and do it all.

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