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Wondering why you are not getting a good enough return on investment from your social media activities? Let us take a look and tell you why.

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Is your activity truly social?

Who is old enough to remember the gold-rush of every brand wanting a website and hastily posting up a site that was not fit for purpose? In the end, brands had to try and repair the negative attention that their old sites attracted.

Social media is very much the same. Every brand went out and tried to do whatever they could to get as many followers or likes to their social channels. Fast forward a few years and thousands of brands have built huge follower numbers that look good in theory, but deliver very little in terms of engagement.

It's all about pay to play on social media now

Many brands forget that these social platforms are also trying to find new ways to try and monetise their audience, and this is where the term “Pay to Play” has really taken hold in recent years. Long gone are the days where a brand could share an actually useful piece of content marketing and rely on their community to not only see the content, but act upon it in terms of sharing it and talking about it.

Review historic social data

This is where 10 Yetis Digital and our social media audit can help. We can review your previous activity to ensure everything is tickety boo in terms of your audience and how and why they have decided to like, follow or previously engage with your brand. We can “tidy” up your accounts to make sure they reflect the best side of you and your business.

Identify future trends and promotional content

We can subtly point out areas where you need a bit more work, or conversely, areas that have worked really well that you may have missed and could try to recreate.

Common social media mistakes

Just to sense check that you have no issues, here’s a handy guide for common mistakes that brands commit on their social media platforms

  • Too many competitions - false economy, builds a dis-engaged audience.
  • Buying likes or followers - what? Is this the 80s, stop it, stop it now.
  • Posting content that is not relevant to what your business does - funeral home posting pictures of pug dogs… why ?
  • Not addressing customer service questions and making the negative debate go on in public.
  • Copying competitors because they think this is what they should be doing - break out on your own and fly, fly like a bird.
  • No budget to promote your key activity.
  • Not using professional imagery - it helps, no really, it absolutely does.

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