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We can help brands plan and execute social campaigns across both the B2C and B2B spectrum. We specialise in delivering the kinds of returns on investment that set us apart from our competitors.

Our Expertise

Unique strategies created for your brand

When it comes to strategy and planning, we first of all try to understand the journey that you have had on social media so far. For instance, you may have just used it as a customer service channel, a sales channel or just to simply push out marketing messages. We get to grips with the realistic resources that you can dedicate to your social media campaigns and then map this against the social channels out there that will fit with your goals and targets.

We use Social Media to support wider campaign goals

Our strategy and planning documents also work alongside wider goals and targets, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), sales, marketing and public relations activity to name just a few. Our aim is to regularly measure the results of any campaigns so that we can review what is working well, what needs amending, and if we can scale in a certain area to deliver even better results.

Proven social campaign track record

We have worked on social media strategy and planning campaigns for a wide mix of brands and organisations, from a music festival through to some of the biggest-name money saving websites, and even one of the UK’s largest Funeral Plan buisnesses. No campaign is ever the same and everyone needs a tailored, comprehensive and bespoke approach and this is where we excel.

Create your own social media strategy

If you find yourself thinking, "How can I create a social media strategy" then these are the core elements that you need to consider and understand before then putting together a strategy and social media plan.

  • What is your goal? Sales, customer services, marketing, or all of these?
  • Be realistic about the budget you have available to support your social media plan.
  • What support do you have access to? Graphic Designer? Video Creation, Copywriter etc. (we have all of these in house by the way – shameless plug we know!)
  • What social media platforms are you already on and why? There's no point being active on all of them if you don’t need them, simply “land-grabbing” the key channels can be enough until you are ready to use them.
  • Do you have senior level “buy in” to the potential value of social media campaigns? You need this to get your entire organisation on board. Is it clear who is in overall control?
  • Have you done any research into your target or existing customer base so you can ensure your campaigns fit?

The answers to the above questions are the key elements to understanding how you will structure and measure your social media campaigns and strategies. Our experienced and comprehensive social media team will take you through every step of the process, and are also able to ensure that any campaign can include overseas elements to cater for any foreign customers that you may be targeting or working with.

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