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Tech PR is somewhat of a speciality of ours. We have worked across a whole host of tech stories, from gadgets and gizmos through to new app launches. Covering both the consumer and B2B industry, we have plenty to talk about when it comes to tech public relations and lots of experience with these kind of campaigns.

Public Relations Our Expertise

The tech media community

In particular, what we find most rewarding about working on tech campaigns is how receptive the tech media community is. We have spent the last 10 years building relationships with journalists across all sectors, but we have had particular success with those at the forefront of the technology industry. In our experience, tech journalists are very passionate and hugely knowledgeable in their field; keen to hear relevant news and always open to topical discussion and debate, which proves for some great opportunities for clients.

These relationships are key to maintaining coverage, which we have proven time and time again with launches for the likes of apps, web widgets, online software and web sites.

Useful and insightful debate

When planning a tech PR campaign for a client, we will often include lots of room for feature pitching. This gives the client the opportunity to really get stuck in, far beyond the confines of a snappy press release, and enables them to deliver content tailored to a set publication, something that outlets appreciate and are more likely to pick up. While these features should never read like a sales pitch, they will give the client a public voice that they can use to showcase their expertise and broadcast opinions of related topics. Even better, they can lead to some very useful and insightful debate on social media platforms and forums, as well as comments sections online.

Wide appeal

Not only is there a whole range of niche technology titles that we can target, depending on the type of client, but we also often find that more ‘mainstream’ consumer or business press will also be interested in tech stories. Life is increasingly tech-orientated now, so tech angles have an increasingly wide appeal. While many tech sites have strong online readerships and, as a result, good domain authority scores; this means that even higher scores and bigger audiences are within reach.

What’s also brilliant about tech PR campaigns is that, certainly with the online coverage, there is no geographical limit. Many tech publications operate on a global basis, meaning a little UK start-up could end up turning heads in the US, Australia, Middle East and beyond.

Link-building and SEO benefit

Tech publications, in our experience, are also generally more open to linking out to our clients when using their stories or referring to them in their articles. Links can be tough to come by and are a big objective for SEO PR campaigns, so they are something we are always pursuing. Because of this warm and generous reception, we often weave tech angles into campaigns even for the less technological clients on our roster.

In fact, one of our most highly covered stories in recent years was for the voucher code company, Vouchercloud. The campaign brief outlined the team’s desire to branch into the American market, where they were relatively unknown. The competition was high and, as a UK company, they were up against it. One of the angles we planned was a survey release revealing the most misunderstood terms in tech. The results showed that some people thought that ‘HTML’ was an STI – a perfect newsworthy hook. It was light hearted, fun and controversial, plus it was one that we knew would be a winner with the tech press. Upon sending out the stories, the phone immediately began to ring with international numbers. The release was picked up not only by the tech sites in the USA, but by mainstream titles like the LA Times and New York Post.

Disruptive stories

Another benefit of tech PR campaigns is that they are often genuinely disruptive. Business and consumer press are often interested in the technology sector; it is known as a leader, setting the way and creating trends.

Keeping complications to a minimum

When it comes to tech campaigns, it’s important to tailor the campaigns to the consumers. One of the typical stumbling posts is over complicating stories and announcements. Clients working in the tech industry are often buried in jargon all day and it takes a good PR agency to clarify the messages and ensure all communications are clear and easy to understand.

We stick to our core business principles of removing jargon, keeping the messaging simple and clear, and truly understanding what it is you want from your campaign. Especially when introducing something new, it’s very important to keep complications to a minimum. If a journalist doesn’t understand the subject within a couple of sentences, it’s unlikely that they will read on.

Vast and exciting sector

Overall, the tech industry is a vast and exciting sector, moving fast, with interesting advances around every corner. It’s every PR’s dream to be working on the next Facebook or Snapchat, or even revealing the next major household gadget, because technology is truly revolutionary in the modern world.

Over the last 10 years, we have worked with companies who are trying to raise venture capital or other types of business funding and want to use public relations to identify potential opportunities, as well as one person businesses where someone has created an app and wants to get word out there. Get in touch to find out more or sign up to our newsletter below.

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