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Creative Web Design

At 10 Yetis Digital, our in-house design team only ever deliver creative and modern mock-ups. They always have in mind their artistic initiative, the project brief and the client’s branding. We believe this process is very important as the design is the first impression the users will see, therefore it needs to engage users enough to stay on the site and encourage them to explore and interact with the site.

Another of our offerings is rebranding and updating, so if you wish to modernise your site and/or company branding, get in touch to find out more about our design work.

Web Design Considerations

When designing a website for an existing company we understand that the theme and colours need to be consistent with your current branding, so users associate the site with your company. However, some clients that have requested a microsite build have stated that they do not need the microsite to look like their main website, and request for the microsite to have its own theme and colours to portray the project brief content. To make sure the user still identifies with the origination, we normally have the logo and company slogan included in the footer or/and header. Another option is to have some of the company branding included and some design that is based on the project brief’s content.

Lastly, we always make sure there are multiple designs for different screen sizes and devices, making the website or microsite as responsive as possible. This approach ensure all users will have the best visual representation regardless of the device they are viewing the site on, whether it be a large screen on a desktop/mac, a medium sized laptop, all tablet sizes and even mobile devices.

Web Development

At 10 Yetis Digital, we have hand-crafted many different types of sites for a large range of clients, from small start-up companies to multi-national organisations. The most common sites we have designed and built are static websites, microsites/social applications and WordPress sites. These are explained in more detail below.

Static websites: standalone websites that are generally used to just display company information.

Microsites/social applications: typically these sites allow the users to be interactive, such as quizzes and online calculators. The results will depend on the user input or individual social media account data, for example the Social Santa app that we created for ourselves during the Christmas period, as a bit of fun. This application looks at what you’ve tweeted most recently and determines if you have been naughty or nice this year, based on key words that you may or may not have used.

WordPress sites: these are sites with easily editable content and can include blog post and news articles pages.

We don't just create technically sound websites, we also provide ongoing support and hosting with all of our digital products.

Digital Products

At 10 Yetis Digital, we have worked with many different types of organisations of various sizes, so whether you already have support or are starting from scratch we are able to choose the best scheme for your specifications and intended audience.

Our confidence comes from our team members having strong expertise in website design, website development and social applications, as well as a vast number of successful campaigns that we’ve previously executed.

We are very proud of our digital media projects, so much so that we can say they have been seen by millions of users. We believe our high success rate is the result of combining our technical expertise with our outreach services. With our years of experience and online presence, we can ensure our campaigns have the desired impact.

If you're looking to promote your brand, product or service then you've come to the right place.

Social Apps

The world is now more social than ever; more people have smart phones and tablets than ever before, across all ages. In light of this, many companies are creating mobile apps as well as websites to engage more users, ensuring they’re getting in front of their target market at every possibly opportunity. We also have clients that want us to build separate applications from their main business application - these are usually more interactive and fun for the users. This can be a good way to get more people to know about your company, and get them talking.

Over the years we have helped brands utilise this growing trend by creating exciting social applications that get people talking, engaging and building a relationship with.

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