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10 Yetis 2020 Social Media Calendar

Napoleon Hill once said, “Plan your work and work your plan”. Though this may sound like a great Yoda impression, Mr Hill was right and social media is no exception to this.

The great minds at the Yeti HQ have carefully crafted an aesthetically pleasing social media calendar so you can stay in the loop with all the exciting, weird and wonderful days of the year during 2020. This is a great starting point to work from when creating your social media strategy, as it allows you to map out a timeline with the most important days during your campaign.

The ever changing landscape of social media can be hard to keep up with. With the rise of social media platforms like Tik Tok and LinkedIn, algorithm changes and Instagram hiding likes, it’s becoming even harder to be seen on social media. How is it possible to stay relevant I hear you ask?! By staying relevant and keeping up with the trends people!

It’s time to stay in-tune with the latest trends that will make or break your campaigns in 2020; whether that be design, content, posting tactics, or plain and simple, finding that perfect GIF to share. Using our incredible days of the year calendar, you will be able to stay topical and current but also show the fun side to your brand by being involved in some of the wacky days like #GoBareFootDay. Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible for any foot fetishes, or events that occur as a result of.

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Social Media Predictions

The world's major social media platform and tech giant, Facebook will look to push its recent privacy concerns in the past and step into the new decade in the same light they started the last. The Facebook F8 conference will be where it’s at. Zuckerburg’s minions will be buzzing around the Facebook HQ in preparation for May 5th and 6th so that they make the 2020 F8 conference one to remember.

As if controlling the way we socialise on our phones, message one another, play games, and read the news isn’t enough, they’ve got more up their sleeves yet. What could they possibly bring into play this year? Money and VR could be the answer.

Now you’re probably thinking Facebook are really going for world dominance here and you wouldn’t be wrong. Facebook has been working on its own cryptocurrency, Libra, for the last few years. The tech giant will look to implement this digital currency through Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. But, before you turn your nose up on yet another way Facebook will look to control our lives, think of the convenience. The ability to safely pay friend and family over WhatsApp and the ability for content creators/marketers to pay or receive funds for services through Instagram is nothing but brilliant.

As Facebook look to literally put its hands in our wallets, they will also look to take over our vision with their Oculus VR headsets. This will for sure be the major trend of the year and the decade, with Facebook looking to fly the flag for all things virtual reality.

Don’t miss the events of May 5th-6th, they’re dates not to be missed for all marketers, creators and influencers to stay on top of the latest trends and changes, before you hear it from what seems like millions of social media gurus on YouTube.

Though F8 is the major social conference of the year, it is also important to keep an eye out for the Google Cloud Next conference where some of the brightest minds come together to speak on the big announcements to come from Google. This conference will take place on 6th-8th April. Also, look out for daily updates from other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and more importantly, Tik Tok.

We’ve briefly discussed some of our predictions for 2020 however, we never really know what will come into fruition. And that is the fun and games of the industry, right?! If you have any predictions of any other looming trends or a major shift on social media - hit us up via our social handles and we’d love to have a digital chin wag about your thoughts and opinions. Whatever the year brings, we hope it’s a great one and that you enjoy this social media calendar as much as we do!

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