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10 Yetis 2024 Social Media Calendar

Often imitated but never quite as good as ours… the 10 Yetis Days of the Year Calendar is back for 2024. We are now in our 8th year of creating this beautiful list of every odd, serious and downright bizarre days that are out there.

Last year we listened to feedback and made the calendar all digital and interactive, get us! This year we have concentrated on adding as many new days as we can find. We think there is around 20% more content in our 2024 days of the year calendar than the previous year.

So if you, like me, are mad keen to know when National Potato Lovers Day is happening this year (Feb 8th). Or maybe Share a Hug Day on July 30th floats your boat? Fear not, we have every national day, or awareness week or month, all in one handy-to-use guide.

The aim is that our days of the year calendar helps you to plan and create social media content and (obviously) piggyback/newsjack on the news agenda.

You can either download the PDF version of the calendar or use the online interactive version. Personally, I keep a printed copy on my desk and refer to it before client ideation and planning meetings.

If you do download it, you are in good company. Employees in social media and public relations teams from some of the biggest brands in the world have used our days of the year calendar since we first launched it. I better not say who but I can give you some rhyming clues like Harclays Shank and Kurger Bing. Who can blame them I say.

Obviously, if you need help with social media content planning , short animated videos for use on social media, or maybe the odd sprinkling of some digital public relations agency magic, get in touch. Shameless selling part: done!

We hope you love our days of the year calendar as much as we have enjoyed making it (that is a lie, the team find the whole thing a massive PIA). Don’t forget, want a day or event adding? Drop us an email at hello@ and we will get it added.

Thanks and I love you all (mostly),

Head Yeti

We asked the team for their favourite days from the calendar and this is what some of them said.

Lee - No Nut November because I'm allergic to them.

Hayley - Winnie the Pooh Day, 18th January - because that silly old bear is always there to remind you that "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" and that is coming from a bear of very little brain.

Karen - World Cat Day, 29th October - because cats are the best

Shannon - Don't Step on a Bee Day, 10th July - because I love those adorable fuzzy buzzies (and it's my birthday eve!!)

Fil - World Introvert Day, 2nd January - because some of us would rather stay inside playing games or read books than go out and deal with the modern society.

Jess - Cow appreciation day, 9th July - because they are like big dogs and they are cute

Geoff - National Fart Day, 5th February - because I'm a child.

Joel - No Socks Day, 8th May - because I f*cking hate socks

10 Yetis 2023 Social Media Calendar

Napoleon Hill once said: “Plan your work and work your plan”. Though this may sound like a great Yoda impression, Mr Hill was right and social media is no exception to this.

The great minds at the Yeti HQ have carefully crafted an aesthetically pleasing social media calendar so you can stay in the loop with all the exciting, weird and wonderful days of the year during 2023. This is a great starting point to work from when creating your Digital PR campaigns or social media strategy, as it allows you to map out a timeline with the most important days during your campaign. All-new updates for 2023 include an interactive online version that allows you to filter by categories - so it's even easier to find days relevant to you or your business and also adding in the trading updates and annual results of the big brand FTSE companies which will help with newsjacking.

The ever-changing landscape of social media can be hard to keep up with. With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn, algorithm changes and Instagram Reels, it’s becoming even harder to be seen on social media. How is it possible to stay relevant, I hear you ask?! By keeping up with the trends, people!

Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends that will make or break your campaigns in 2023; whether that be design, content, posting tactics or simply finding that perfect GIF to share. Using our incredible days of the year calendar, you will be able to stay topical and current, but also show the fun side to your brand by being involved in some of the wacky days like #GoBareFootDay. Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible for any foot fetishes or events that occur as a result.

Never miss a social media day, download, print or simply view our days of the year calendar online. The best thing is... it’s totally free!

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Take Inspiration from Our Favourite 2022 Social Media Campaigns

We hope our days of the year calendar has offered you plenty of inspiration for your 2023 campaigns, but if you’re still feeling a bit stuck for ideas, these wonderful campaigns should resolve your creativity block!


For me I think TikTok itself has had a bonza year as a campaign in its own right. For example, being ahead of the curve and getting involved with the likes of Wrexham FC, Deadpool and the Other Guy positivity really helping them reach new mainstream audiences (and a back doorway to get a profile on the likes of FIFA 23). The launch of their own promotion tools also gave them a brilliant opportunity to go against their older and powerful rivals such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Everything they did in 2022 pretty much turned to gold.


from super-random to super-useful, let’s look back on what TikTok taught us in 2022 featuring @brunchwithbabs, @cookingwithlynja, @rob_skate4life, @oursignedworld, @getaheadwithnick

♬ original sound - TikTok


OnlyCurls has had an amazing 2022 and no, they are not a client! We wish! From winning an award at the BBEA, through to deploying a grass roots influencer campaign that other hair brands could only look on at with envy, it has been a phenomenal year on social media for this amazing hair brand start up. It really feels like they are the Gymshark of the hair care world and we are here for it.

@onlycurlslondon Replying to @elle <3 A tutorial on how to brush style 💕 We hope this helps. 🥰 #brushstyling #brushstylingmethod #brushstylingtutorial ♬ original sound - Only Curls

Nostalgia tapped into the content marketing dream theme of 2023, nostalgia. Any brand that gave off a whiff of nostalgia in the last twelve months seemed to do well with consumers. Could this be down to the hard times that we are going through, and consumers desire to try and hark back to the "easier" days, maybe. Or, it could just be everyone loves scantily clad pilots frolicking in the sand, topless.

Whatever the year brings, we hope it’s a great one and that you enjoy this social media calendar as much as we do!

Iceland (the Country, not shop)

‘Outhorse your email' by the Icelandic Tourist board is yet another simple but super effective campaign by the kings and queens of the cold. They are a nation that has a cool and mysterious air and the campaign had everything that consumers love. 1. Nature, 2. A bit of sass (you could pick how sassy you wanted the replies to be). 3. Surrealism (kind of like how the Phil Collins v Gorilla v Dairy Milk just kind of worked when really, on paper, maybe it should not have).

It has already got all the social media love you could ask for, which is nice, but a bit meh in terms of actual ROI, but the near 1000 links that the landing page alone has collected along the way will make sure Iceland, as a suggested tourist destination, continues to rise up the SERPS.

Top Gun: Maverick

For me, it was Top Gun: Maverick. It truly tapped into the content marketing dream theme of 2023: nostalgia. Any brand that gave off a whiff of nostalgia in the last 12 months seemed to do well with consumers. Could this be down to the hard times that we are going through, and consumers’ desire to try and hark back to the "easier" days, maybe? Or it could just be everyone loves scantily clad pilots frolicking in the sand, topless. I know I do. And Tom Cruise really is the ideal brand ambassador; he’s so active online, ensuring the audience are engaged and excited.

Harry and Megan

What a year it has been for not just Harry and Meghan, but also the strategic comms and marketing team that sits behind them. If you take the emotion out of the situation and look at this from a pure "brand growth" angle then I don't think anyone can argue that they have taken themselves to a new earning level in 2022. From a rumoured $100m from Netflix through to what is going to be a sell-out blockbuster book for Harry, they have hit new highs and their careful use of social media alongside traditional press tactics has been amazing to watch.

Whatever the year brings, we hope it’s a great one and that you enjoy this social media calendar as much as we do! Sign Up below to get our calendar now.

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