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days of the year calendar

Top Tips & Tricks to Create Trending Content and Nail Your Social Media in 2019

It’s that time of year again (I hear you say, already? Me too!), and at Yeti HQ we’re all getting ready for the New Year and what it may hold in store for us. Apart from making New Year’s resolutions and breaking them within a day (sorry, not sorry), we’ll be busy planning the scope of work for our clients and getting to grips with how we can take their online presence to a whole new level.

Now, apart from having a super creative team with brains even the likes of Elon Musk would be jealous of, we like to stay ahead of the curve and have always prided ourselves on our innovative ideas. It’s been a rollercoaster year for social media, with platform feature updates galore, more algorithm changes, new and exciting content types and just a good old bank of new funnies to share with your pals.

So, it’s time to brush up on the trends that will make or break your campaigns in 2019; whether that be design, content, development, or even finding that perfect GIF to share on #TalkLikeAPirateDay. And good news ahoy! You can get your 2019 calendar right here so you can plan a range of reactive opportunities and never miss the chance to jump on the trending train towards social media success. It’s free. It’s pretty. And it’s made by us Yetis. What could go wrong?

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Video Transcript

Karen: Hi everyone I’m Karen here from 10yetis, I’m the web developer and I’m here with Kalli.
Kalli: Hey, I’m head of social at 10yetis.
Karen: We’re going to talk to you about our 2019 Days of The Year Calendar that we’ve been doing for three years now.
Kalli: Three years wow! It’s absolutely flown by, but it’s a great asset for us isn’t it.
Karen: Yeah it’s great for content, and great for social I feel.
Kalli: Yeah I think it’s got some really good uses, for a range of different marketing strategies. So, in Social Media we use it predominantly to plan content in advance; and it just helps us stay in tune with what’s going on in the world, making sure we are responding to any reactive opportunities and really helping to extend the reach of our content by piggy-backing on these reactive opportunities on readymade audiences that are already engaged.
I think another good use for it, which our PR team use it for, is planning ahead piggy-backing on some news stories and piggy-backing on some of the days of the year that may be relevant for their clients. For example, we’ve got Blue Monday coming up so there might be some sort of media hook that you can instil into a reactive press release, and really get people talking about your brand on the day. It’s got to be quirky or something controversial, not your bog standard stuff that most people are going to be covering, it needs to stand out, and journalist are going to want to cover it.
Another thing that’s coming up, which everyone’s looking forward to if they’re in a relationship, is Valentine’s Day. But you could also twist that and go controversial and maybe target singles day and create a story around that. So there are lots of opportunities to generate not only social media content, but also generate some great stories for the press and for your clients.
I think the major point for us is being able to plan strategically quite far in advance. Obviously not too far in advance because things change, but it’s a good one for us because it allows us to make sure that we are engaging the right people at the right times as well.
Karen: It’s good to have it in advance and know that it’s coming up. Rather than being like ‘Oh no it’s the day, let’s create something’ which is quite difficult.
Kalli: It is. It’s very difficult especially if you need to get your clients to sign off the content. With a reactive piece of content it needs to go out pretty quickly, otherwise the hashtag will get oversaturated, so having them planned in advance will eliminate any of that extra time that you’ll need to get it signed off by the client. But yeah, we hope that you love our tool as much as we do, we use it every single day. I’ve got it printed out on my desk, which actually is a really good thing because a lot of them are web based aren’t they Karen.
Karen: So, there are a lot of online tools that will show you what’s coming up in the year but, sometimes it’s just going back to that page and looking through it. It’s just sometimes easier to have this version. It’s PDF so you can just print it out straight away, no fuss, you don’t need to worry about the formatting like when it’s on a web page or something.
So, we’ve been doing it for three years now, and we’ve decided to move away from having a separate page for each year, which we were doing over the past two years. So this year we have moved to an evergreen page, so you’re always getting the latest one, you won’t accidentally go on to 2018 or anything like that.
Kalli: Like I did earlier!
Karen: So, it’s on that page and once next year comes we will have our new one ready and it will be on the same page.
Kalli: So Happy 2019 and happy content planning everyone.
Karen: Happy New Year.

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  • First off, let’s just give you a heads up for one of the biggest days in the year for Facebook – its F8 conference. Get this in your diary – April 30th & May 1st – because if you work in social media and you don’t tune into this every year, you should just pack up your bags and call it quits. Facebook reveals its key propositions in this summit, as well as major trends to watch out for (basically, what the algorithm is going to do next and mess up all the hours you put into those client strategies).
  • Building trust back among consumers will be high on the agenda for Facebook. 2018 was riddled with numerous issues, from the Cambridge Analytics scandal and its handling of data to accusations of the platform swaying the 2016 presidential election. Although the channel wasn’t alone, it was hammered by, well, the world and it’s going to take some time to build that trust back.
  • Storification of social in general has exploded, with most of the big players now offering a similar feature. Facebook stories was a bit of a slow burner, but more brands are starting to adopt the feature because it’s seen as a real opportunity as it’s yet to really take off. We think 2019 will see stories overtake organic posting and ultimately shift social strategies into a more storytelling approach.
  • Advertising will seriously ramp up a level, unlocking more features to explore and increase social ROI. From AR ads (I love this one from Tiffany & Co that let’s you try on the glasses virtually - to playable ads for game apps, the book is getting clever.


  • Stories and carousels have already seen uplift in usage and this is set to continue into 2019. This is likely because stories don’t really need to be polished, unless you want them to be and you have the funds to pimp them up. But for the general public or a small brand, having access to a feature on such a popular channel that’s notoriously all about the slick, high quality content without the need of £10k photoshoot is invaluable.
  • Shopping on social media has really started to take hold in 2018 and with the New Year looming, brands need to consider how to maximise the channel’s features to drive sales. Creating interactive and engaging shopping experiences should be top on the agenda – especially if you work in e-commerce. A great place to start is by using product stickers on stories; viewers will be able to get all the info they need about your products, then click through to your website to purchase.
  • Instagram was seen to be testing a separate standalone shopping app, so be prepared for this to appear sometime in 2019.
  • They’ve also been testing different content types e.g. cinemagraphs, with the ability of doing this through the platform. While they’re not a fresh content type, we can see interactive imagery becoming more widespread as the channel makes content creation more accessible for the general user.
  • The culling of bots & influencers has already kicked-off, so be warned if you’re among the guilty lot of fakers out there. You may have made it up until now, but you ain’t gonna be able to fake it anymore!


  • Twitter is still very much the hub for all real-time content, so we can expect this to continue into the New Year. However, brands are getting more interactive with their content and are planning their reactive opportunities in advance – after all creativity sometimes needs some thought. You can use our handy calendar of events and bizarre days to help get one step ahead and maximise on trending conversations.
  • Over 70% of millennial Twitter users say that they use social media to comment on the quality of a company’s customer service. Brands are likely to place greater efforts on using this channel to support CS, with a clear strategy on how to generate leads and convert social conversations to revenue.
  • High quality content will replace the traditional marketing funnel, with the process becoming more of an ongoing cycle rather than an A to B approach that prioritises consistent engagement over transactional relationships. So nurturing prospect and current customers will form a key part of successfully using the channel in 2019.

While we’ve detailed some of our predictions for 2019, we never really know what’s around the corner and isn’t that just the absolute beauty of our industry! Have you spotted any other looming trends or do you think there’s going to be a new big thing for social media in 2019? Hit us up in the comments below. Merry Content Planning to all!

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