99pines' design case study cans mockup

The Challenge

We were given the task to create the identity of a non-profit cider and perry company from scratch, including the name. The company was based at the foot of May Hill in Gloucestershire, yet wanted to separate themselves from the classic ‘scrumpy’ looking cider and perry companies based in the countryside and opt for a more contemporary look and feel.

The Solution

From our research into May Hill we found that there was an old tale about there being 99 pine trees at the top of the hill, and no more were able to grow. This tale we thought brought out the community feel of the town and how word can spread across the years. This reflected the social brand 99PINES wanted to be, so we came up with the name 99PINES.

Visually we wanted to go for a quite bold and abstract approach, where we represented the 99 pine trees using a pattern of triangles as a brand motif. This created a very unique and contrasting style which could be adapted across many different platforms. The logo was created using a bold 99, and a more natural and organic styled ‘PINES’ in order to show the bridge between the brands contemporary and natural influences.

99pines' design case study logo

99pines' design case study canvas bag mockup

99pines' design case study can text mockup

99pines' design case study bottle mockups

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