POPS' design case study featured popsicles image

The Challenge

We were approached by POPS, an alcoholic ice-pop brand, to create some fun assets for their social media channels to promote their products. This included photography, video and animation.

The Solution

We wanted to showcase POPS as a brand that allowed adults to discover a new, exciting way to drink and be social. We opted for the use of bright colours and out of the ordinary, playful settings to create a sense of wonder and excitement.

Using cutouts and fruit imagery as scenery in the assets really helped showcase this weird but wonderful world.

We brought the assets to life through engaging photography, stop motion, animation and illustration, to communicate the creativity and uniqueness of the brand to the consumer.


This content massively outperformed industry standards and contributed towards one of the most successful sales periods in the company's history.

POPS' design case study rain and umbrella

POPS' design case study POPS at the beach

POPS' design case study limes illustration

POPS' design case study party popper

POPS' design case study burger ketchup

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