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We've been working with Biofreeze since June 2019, initially supporting them to gain independence and utilise social media channels effectively, and have supported with ongoing PR activity too.

Biofreeze's ambitions:

With an ambitious growth strategy for both the US and the UK markets, 2021 was really the year for Biofreeze to grow their customer lifetime value by reaching out to the all favoured Gen Zers.

Biofreeze is a cold therapy product invented in 1991 that has since gone on to become the #1 clinically recommended (non medicated) pain relief brand by pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrists and athletic trainers within the US.

Biofreeze Gel - Various Sizes

Biofreeze is well known for aiding chronic pain relief and is widely used for arthritis and other joint ailments, but it is also great for relieving the pain associated with minor sports injuries, muscle aches and pains.

Within the first four months of 2021 alone, we have further established Biofreeze's position within the very competitive pain relief/sporting Gen Z market, growing their third party retailer revenue and seeing CPM's as low as £2.19.

"10 Yetis have been an absolute credit and exceeded expectations right from the start. Whether it's campaign planning, strategising or daily running of accounts, they deliver and are constantly suggesting the next thing to focus on. Since starting with them, traffic to our website has substantially increased and, as well as that, we've seen an uptake in sales since driving traffic to third party retailers." - Wissem Menad, International Marcomms Manager, Performance Health

Our approach & results:

We have focused on the growth strategy for the business' 3rd party retailers by increasing market share and brand awareness, resulting in an increase in revenue growth. We have adopted a funnel/ad sequencing approach that aims to target people at all stages of the marketing funnel; prospecting, consideration and action.

Choosing the correct creative and messaging is vital for the performance of each phase. Factors such as the ad type and which stage of the phase the consumer is at determines the USPs, as well as where the consumer is in the purchase decision process and what is important to them.

During the 'prospecting' phase, we had two key audiences; older and younger generations with the focus to increase customer lifetime value. Targeting the cold audience was all about introducing and educating new people about the brand. They may not necessarily have been in-market but are certainly people to who the product would be of interest to. Using videos that were lifestyle-focused while being generalised was great for this, and using copy that introduced the brand was a good start. Here we maintained a CTR of 4% on average over four months of activity and a CPC of £0.13.

Moving down the funnel to the 'consideration' phase, we used the data we had collected from the pixel and previous activity from users on Facebook to target look-a-like (LAL's) audiences. We targeted this audience with videos that were lifestyle-focused but featured the product in use. We also found the review and influencer content worked really well at this stage to reinforce the messaging and social accreditation. During this phase, we achieved CTRs above 4% and CPC at £0.08.

Finally the 'action' phase - where we make the magic really happen. So for all of those who weren't convinced to begin with and didn't convert (who'd of thought!), or even for those who have previously purchased it, we retargeted them with the offer and urgency messaging. Custom audiences were created based on web traffic, social interactions and previous engagements with creative (video views) further up the funnel. The creative for this was very much focused on the product and we tested both single image and carousel - interestingly we found that the single image at this stage produced the best CTR's. The narrative was purely focusing on 'buy now' and any current offers, due to the audience already being educated of the USPs and credibility of the product in previous phases. Overall the results were really pleasing for a remarketing audience, with a CPC of £0.24 and we maintained a CTR of above 3%.

Overall, the learnings we have developed using this ad sequencing strategy and trial and testing of the audiences has resulted in an impressive uplift of 35% in sales to 3rd party retailers. This method is all about test, learn, test and learn some more, resulting in highly targeted ads at each level of the buying process.

We are excited to continue our growth strategy and collaboration with the global brand, Biofreeze.

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