All About GoneDigging is a part of Signature Gifts, a gifting company founded in 2003 with ambitions to harness the power of eRetail to develop even more innovative and creative gifts for the masses. Today, Signature Gifts ships over a quarter of a million individual products every year. specialises in personalised gifts, in addition to boasting great relationships with all the major newspapers in the country as the UK’s largest archive of historic original newspapers. The company prides itself on having a wide range of gifting products, designed and developed to appeal to people of all ages, with stock including everything from household items to fashion merchandise. Many of the products are manufactured from the concept through to the product and packaging itself, all by the Gone Digging team. Because of this, part of what makes their service stand apart from other competitors is the ownership taken by the brand, resulting in unrivalled customer service.

How We Get GoneDigging In The News

In terms of’s objectives, the team wanted to see strong coverage results in national and lifestyle press which would be read widely by their key demographics. They also prioritised online coverage over print, in order to reap SEO benefits and boost their search rankings. This is a speciality of ours, with many of our clients seeking online PR in order to achieve a desirable status among the search results.

In order to achieve these results, we worked closely with the team at to generate timely and relevant press releases that would catch the attention of our media contacts and make for great stories. The press releases were based on consumer research, namely surveys exploring customer behaviour, many of which revealed surprising and newsworthy trends. We also worked with to send out samples to the media of new or unique products that they had available for customers to purchase, for inclusion in gift guides and product round ups, particularly around large gifting events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day when journalists are more likely to feature detailed shopping guides.

Our Results For GoneDigging

We have already generated some brilliant coverage for the brand and high quality links to help with SEO. The brand has noticed spikes in traffic and enquiries, alongside the SEO benefits, from securing regular high profile coverage with mentions and links left, right and centre.

From inclusion in OK! Magazine’s gift guide to scoring followed links on The Independent website, we have secured some fantastic results. We’ve also achieved a great balance of online news, such as Yahoo!, and tradition print publications, such as the Daily Mirror and the i paper, among others.

During the first few months of working with the brand, we also saw other benefits in addition to the coverage, such as establishing the brand among our media contacts. With many of our longstanding clients, such as, national journalists will actually approach us to find out if we have any relevant comments, products or stories for inclusion in certain articles or pieces they have coming up. This is a PR person's dream and something we aim to achieve for all of our clients.

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