The Ecclesiastical Advantage

Ecclesiastical provides tailored insurance packages, financial services and risk management solutions for organisations, charities and heritage property owners. Its portfolio includes some of the most iconic buildings in the UK (St Paul’s Cathedral and Gloucester Cathedral to name a couple). Established in 1887, the company also provides home insurance, and in 2006 they ranked 16th in liability insurance and 20th in accident insurance.

We were approached by Ecclesiastical to create a range of videos to be released either on its social channels to promote its services or to be used internally to convey sensitive company data across its International offices.

“The Ecclesiastical Advantage” - promoting services

Our most recent project included a series of videos featuring senior members of the company from different departments talking about why organisations should choose Ecclesiastical.

Over a period of three days our in-house team filmed six ‘Talking Head’ videos, sharing information about what the department specialised in and how they were different to its competitors. Using our autocue system to feed our drafted script to the staff members, we instantly made the team comfortable in front of the camera.

After shooting, the footage was passed on to our editing team who specialise in quick turn around, professional videos while maintaining a high quality finish. The key thing was making sure Ecclesiastical was happy with the video content, the way it conveyed its message and that it was on brand.

Church Safety - Corporate Social Responsibility

The Production team was asked to create two series of short videos on ‘Church Safety’. As the videos were going to be uploaded to three separate sites (Baptist, Methodist and Ecclesiastical) it was important that each video was branded appropriately.

We spent a month in preproduction, drafting scripts in accordance to brand guidelines they provided, scoping out different churches to find the right one for the shoot, putting out casting calls and running auditions to find the right actor to represent the company.

Shooting in a church is no easy feat, dealing with bad lighting, echoed ceilings and the cold meant we were constantly adjusting to keep our shots consistent. Our team took all these factors into consideration to create an engaging set of 36 videos directed towards Ecclesiastical's key demographic.

Ecclesiastical Group Conference - Events

At the beginning of 2014, Ecclesiastical held its Group Conference and we were approached to help the company capture the whole day event. A filming crew of four also produced short Vox-Pops of the attendees alongside a final word from the CEO, Mark Hews. It was imperative that the videos conveyed a professional message and that the team was everywhere, capturing as much of the event as possible, while remaining invisible.

After shooting, our editing team worked with members of the Ecclesiastical team to choose the highlights from the day and create a four-minute video summary for those in the business who couldn’t come along. Condensing eight hours of footage into a four-minute highlight reel was a massive challenge and one that had to be completed in a relatively short amount of time working closely with a number of managers within the group as well as the CEO himself.

Due to our professionalism, discretion and quick delivery of high quality on-brand videos, Ecclesiastical turn to us whenever they have any video requirements.

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