Giftcloud is a digital gift app launched by Invitation Digital Ltd, a company backed by Vodafone. The app has entirely disrupted the gift-card market place thanks to its innovative nature and the way that the entire gift-card process can now be done digitally, without the need to pass on physical, plastic, gift cards. Have we used the term “gift-card” enough yet?

The app comes from those lovely people who also brought you Vouchercloud. In short, these are digital and money saving legends and as you would expect from Invitation Digital, the Giftcloud app is super slick, super impressive and super helpful.

What we needed to do

Giftcloud gave 10 Yetis the challenge and honour of launching the app in the UK. The app was several years in the making and as such we wanted to give the brand the greatest start possible. We knew from our experience in the tech, money-saving and consumer media that for this app to have any chance of standing out in a congested media, we would need to hit the ground running and create really interesting and quirky campaigns.

We also knew that part of the reason behind the success of Vouchercloud was the viral nature of its launch, via word of mouth, because of its ease of use and the ways in which it helped people to save money. We needed to replicate this for the launch of Giftcloud.

In addition to this we also needed to get the brand in front of Chief Marketing Officers of big-name brands in order to get them on-board and onto the digital gift card platform.

Our campaign

10 Yetis devised a multi-platform, several-pronged plan of attack! First of all we planned out a consumer media campaign, going to both mainstream journalists and a mix of freelance journalists and none-paid for, earned, news wires such as Press Association. In addition to this we had a clear B2B campaign involving case studies (PR101), announcements of new brands coming on board and launching and business milestones.

In addition to the mainstream consumer media push, we created campaigns that highlighted the technology behind the app to make it of interest to technology news websites and media. We also announced the app to the money saving and financial media in order to highlight how the gift-card process being digitalized coujld also save users money, as well as being a lot more time efficient than hunting down gift cards on the high street, purchasing them and then having to deliver them by hand or using the postal service.

In addition to this, we devised and executed an influencer identification and outreach campaign that would create a buzz across social media and pull demand from consumers directly, rather than just being reliant on media mentions driving awareness and links.

In addition to all of this, and as with every modern-day campaign, we needed to get as many high domain authority links back to the site as possible in order to dovetail with the wider search engine optimisation strategy that the Giftcloud team was deploying.

All in all this was a comprehensive and overarching campaign that touched upon nearly every employee within 10 Yetis, and all of our specialist areas.

The results

The Giftcloud app quickly rose up the rankings of all of the App market-places (iTunes and Android etc), and also got coverage in key national, international and trade media outlets.

The B2B campaign also ensured that the Giftcloud team was high on the agenda of high street and key online brands that were looking to digitize their gift-card process.

One of the key goals of the campaign was to highlight that, on the run up to Christmas, no matter how late you left it, Giftcloud was able to help you with your present buying via the digital gifting platform.

Our team worked around the clock on the run up to Christmas in order to get this message home to journalists and along with other mentions of this unique selling point across the wider media it really paid off with a great piece in The Metro that came out online (with a link) late on Christmas Eve and helped to drive sales… very much the icing on the (Christmas) cake!

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