27th Aug 2015 by Helen Stirling

10 Yetis #Take6 Vine - Online Video Production - 5 tips for success

You want to add videos into your Social Media strategy, but your worried that it will be a time suck or a resources suck. Well here we have some important tips to help your videos reach big audiences and varied audiences. Experimenting with platforms and video length doesn't have to be expensive. Re-edits for each platform is a great way to reach new audiences without having to create new and expensive content. Save your money so that you can seed the video online to give it the greatest reach possible.

The biggest factor is the content, play to the emotions of your viewers and use 'share triggers' to focus the theme of your video. These triggers are, surprise, funny, controversy, moving/heartwarming, cute, disgust. It's almost like the 5 characters from Inside Out!

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