01st Sep 2012, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Talk at ThinkVis 2012 - Shit My SEO Says

Here is my talk from ThinkVis in Leeds. It was called "Sh*t My SEO Says" and was born out of the continued abuse that PR's get from SEO folk about our understanding of the Search world.

My talk focussed on the rubbish spoke by SEO's on authority-linkbuilding PR campaigns.

The main thing I wanted SEOs to realise is that we PRs may not know loads about SEO but we don't go around gobbing off about their lack of knowledge of PR (well, until provoked into it). Now is the time for PRs to wake up and start defending our sector and what we do.

Sh*t My SEO Says - ThinkVisibility 2012

If the above embed does not work, you can see the presentations via this link... click here

Yes, I know there are two x Number 5's :-)

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