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What comes to mind when you think of tech PR? Is it something exciting? I bet it isn’t and that’s the real issue. The problem tech PR often faces is the perception that it’s ‘dull’ or too dry, when in reality it should be anything but.

Technology is constantly evolving; becoming more interactive and exciting, so successful campaigns should really be making the most of this. They should get consumers involved and show them that tech can be just as fun and intriguing as a swanky lifestyle campaign.

Below, we’ve picked out 5 tech campaigns that we think complimented the desired message perfectly. It was challenging only picking 5 from the hundreds of successful and riveting campaigns out there, but these are definitely our top picks!


Back in 2013 a fake letter from Webuyanycar.com went viral after a ‘user’ wrote up that the company refused to buy a child’s plastic toy car.

It turned out that the tweet was devised by the webuyanycar team themselves but, at the time, the general public were none the wiser.

The tweet was retweeted over 31,000 times and had an insane amount of coverage and social engagements. In response to this, webuyanycar launched their new spoof site, webuyanyTOYcar.com, which offered the first 1000 Little Tike owners to get rid of their old models.

In return the company decided to offer £10 per toy car to the road safety charity Brake.

The site even ‘employed’ a new member of staff with the title ‘Junior Vehicle Purchaser’ who because head of the new ‘Tike division’.

This utilised the power of social media spectacularly.


In 2013, mobile innovators Qualcomm decided to combine online and offline aspects and put together an incredibly successful campaign, which gained them heaps of coverage and got consumers talking.

The company wanted to show people in LA that real life can be more exciting if you use your mobile device. They pulled off this message by acquiring a bus billboard which read “In A Hurry? Use your mobile device to get where you need to go. Right now. Go to BornMobile.com/Hurry.”

Those people that did visit the site were offered rides in a Lamborghini, dogsleds and even a puppy bus!

Qualcomm recorded the entire stunt which you can view below:

This video generated over 2 million views in a mere two days.

PlayStation 4

Heading back to 2013 again (apparently this was THE year for tech PR!) PlayStation wowed the world when they gave the Oxo Tower in London a complete makeover, replacing the OXO letters with the symbols found on one of their controllers.

The simple but extravagant activity reportedly generated 14.3 million impressions on Twitter in just one day.

This stunt was the first time in the 85 years since the OXO tower was erected that the lettering has been amended.


I love it when I get to speak about one of my favourite bands on our blog posts but Radiohead basically pulled off one genius stunt back in 2007!

They decided when they were in between record labels, that they would release their album ‘In Rainbows’ using a ‘Pay What You Want’ system.

Not only was this amazing for their profit margin, it was also absolutely awesome for their exposure. The band, which was well loved in the 90s, found itself disjointed from younger audiences but by using the pay what you want method they got tonnes of media attention and also appeared to younger demographics that would be willing to check out a band for next to nothing (or even literally nothing!)

The tactic got heaps of coverage including pieces on TIME magazine, The Guardian and Rolling Stone.

(Just FYI – I paid FIVE WHOLE POUNDS for my copy of the album – that’s how much I love them :))


In 2009, T-Mobile created possibly one of the most memorable stunts in the UK. They set out looking to lighten up the average Joes life a bit, seeing as at the time the word ‘recession’ was frequently making the headlines and people were beginning to mistrust massive corporations.

They wanted to be trustworthy and fun so they decided that dance would be the best way to go about this.

They created a live event which was shareable, memorable and hilarious. One which went on to inspire other companies to try and recreate the same magic.

The results were amazing, with the video now sitting at over 40 million views on YouTube. T-Mobile also saw a 52% increase in sales when compared to 2008 and considering this was in the middle of a recession that is fantastic.

Below is the video in its full glory:

As these campaigns prove, tech PR does not need to be boring; with some creative flair anything can become unforgettable and eye-catching.

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