04th Jun 2019 by Charlie Biggs-Thomas

Andy Barr on BBC Radio Gloucestershire discussing the influence of adverts

Andy Barr appeared on BBC Radio Gloucestershire yesterday morning to share his wisdom on the influence of adverts and particularly what makes the Hovis advert so iconic. You can listen to a short clip from his interview below.


Why is it then that some adverts should stick forever, you know, they are in our minds forever and valid as a piece of art, if you like?

I think for a lot of them especially nowadays it is about production values and advertising has become a lot cheaper. It is now more affordable for brands to make adverts and make videos so they have probably lost some of their quality. With the Hovis ad, it is absolutely iconic for all the right reasons, Ridley Scott launched his career on the back of it. I think with this particular one it gave something back to our values especially now a days we are all probably aching to go back 20 years to the community feel, where society looked after itself and this ad is very much tapping into that and this is one of the reasons that it has become iconic and that is the sort of thing that every brand is looking into and trying to capture that social element.

Link: https://youtu.be/0ytt-kM-bV8

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