05th Oct 2018 by Sam Benzie

Facebook upgrades its job tools in preparation for the holiday season, UNILAD goes bust! Burger King release the ‘Blank Whopper’ and Snapchat cashes out for the holiday season

Facebook upgrades its job tools in preparation for the holiday season

Facebook has put in a lot of work to make it easier for businesses to put out job ads and manage applications in preparation for the influx of seasonal work coming in the next few months. With the huge demand for new employees and such a high number of applications and job vacancies posted over these crucial months, Facebook has improved the job tool “to help businesses hire more efficiently and more easily manage their job applications” through its platform.

Companies can now post job listings to Groups, as opposed to just a company Page or Facebook Marketplace. Companies and Pages can also share their job listings to Groups that they are part of in order to reach the largest engaged audience that they can.

Facebook has also introduced a new group of tools in the ‘Manage Jobs’ tab; it allows businesses to filter, review and make a decision on their favourite candidates. This will enable businesses to manage applications more efficiently and easily, keeping all applicants in one accessible place.

The third and final new tool helps companies with the admin involved in hiring new applicants. In many cases, the person in charge of hiring is not the Page admin, and for this reason Facebook has introduced the ‘Jobs Manager’ role. It allows admins to designate people to manage the incoming clients, without having to offer admin privileges or have them use the admin account.

UNILAD goes bust!

According to those familiar with the company, UNILAD, the page behind daily viral content that we as users see every single day on all of our social platforms, is going into administration.

A statement released by the company explained the coming steps for them:

“We can confirm that the UNILAD Group is going into administration. There are several investors who are seeking to buy the company and this process will take no more than 14 days. We expect ownership of the business to be passed on and we are confident there will be a smooth handover to the new owners in due course. Work is continuing as normal during this time and we will update you as the situation evolves. Please contact us if you have any queries.”

According to reports, the company has debts of £6.5 million, including owing £1.5 million to the taxman. I guess being the fourth biggest publisher on Facebook doesn’t pay the bills.

Burger King release the ‘Blank Whopper’

Burger King got all political this week in Brazil with the release of a ‘Blank Whopper’. With Election Day approaching, the fast food chain had the brilliant idea to make a politically charged burger. In Brazil, a number of people who vote on Election Day tend to vote blank or null, rather than deciding on a candidate. A whopping 11% of the country votes blank and this needs to be changed.

So on the streets of São Paulo Burger King let its customers decide; would they like their Whopper with toppings selected by themselves, or by someone else? This was all in an attempt to show customers what happens if they remove their personal judgement and leave decisions down to people who don’t know them.

A great campaign to get people thinking if you ask us!

Snapchat cashes out for the holiday season

Snapchat has rolled out several new advertising features that will help brands increase their ecommerce efforts over the festive seasons.

Snapchat does not have the reach or self service options that Facebook and Instagram have, but they are working to change this. No longer are they trying to keep up with the trendsetters in the social field, instead they have begun to invest in the avenue of ecommerce. Its latest updates come right before the holiday season in an attempt to draw new brands into using it for their holiday campaigns.

The first new feature is the introduction of ‘Shoppable Snap ads’ and ‘Product Catalogues’. These Shoppable ads are currently rolling out to all advertisers; they are also known as ‘Collection ads’ and allow advertisers to develop shoppable collections of their products within their ads. This would not be possible if it were not for Snapchat’s introduction of ‘Product Catalogues’ as well, which lets companies import their products to automatically create ads from assets that they have available. Users will then be able to tap on the product and shop through the app. Now, obviously this is not groundbreaking, but it is a start to move into the field of ecommerce and to refresh the brand.

Snap pixels are the second update that Snapchat has introduced, which allows advertisers to track the actions of the people using their website to understand why their audience visited certain pages and for how long. The advertisers can then use this to create their own custom audiences tailored to their individual campaigns. Definitely something advertisers will be very interested in looking into over the coming weeks.

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