07th Sep 2018 by Sam Benzie

Facebook’s got a largely missed feature, YouTube made a big change! Snapchat copies Instagram? And Adidas released its latest sneaker on Snapchat!

Facebook’s largely missed feature

Facebook has launched a Creator Studio to help them understand how their content is performing. Not only helping creators manage their pages, but also work on improving them.

The launch of the Creator Studio was missed by some as it coincided with Facebook’s launch of Watch. The layout of the interface is split into three sections; in the centre users can see posts that they have published and have the opportunity to search for posts by searching key words. On the right hand side, users can see the insights from posts up to seven days prior. Along with this, users can see the published posts, scheduled and drafts over the past 28 days. And finally, on the left, users can see the menu which allows users to access different views of the Creator Studio.

YouTube made a big change!

YouTube has announced that it is hosting a new fundraising tool that will allow creators to raise money for their chosen charities.

To help creators make a difference for their fans, YouTube is launching YouTube Giving, with the aim to “strengthen the way creators and fans can make a difference through charitable giving”. The program is open to over 1 million non-profits and includes features such as Fundraisers, Community Fundraisers, Campaign Matching and Super Chat for Good.

Firstly, YouTube Giving allows creators to use their voice for creating and boosting fundraising campaigns next to their videos and live streams. The feature has a “Donate” button making the gift giving process much easier for users and for creators. And to increase the ease of the process, creators are able to set up their own charity campaigns and the logistics & payments processing is all taken care of by YouTube.

Secondly, YouTube’s Community Fundraisers allows creators to co-host the same fundraising campaigns. YouTube’s Product Manager explained that “the feature is designed so that a Community Fundraiser will appear on participating creators’ videos at the same time and reflect the collective amount of money their communities are raising together.” To launch this new feature, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and 12 gaming creators are coming together for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the US for a special edition of St. Jude PLAY LIVE on YouTube.

Thirdly, YouTube plans to bring out a feature that allows creators to match the pledges of their subscribers: multiplying the impact for good that the Fundraisers and Community Fundraisers are doing.

Finally, YouTube is introducing “Super Chat for Good” which allows creators to raise money for charities during live streams and Premiere videos. In the announcement for the feature, a YouTube spokesperson explained that, “when an eligible creator enables Super Chat for Good, 100% of Super Chat for Good purchases will be automatically routed to a qualifying nonprofit chosen by the creator.”

Snapchat copies Instagram?

Snapchat has turned the tables on Facebook and Instagram and has chosen to steal one of their ideas. Let’s be honest, when Facebook and Instagram started copying Snapchat we never thought it would end like this.

Snapchat has copied Instagram’s story feature ‘Boomerang’ and has produced ‘Bounce’. After making a video Snap, users can tap and hold the infinity icon that appears at the bottom of the options menu. The Bounce slider will appear and then users can choose what part of the video they took will be bounced.

So, the only real difference is the ability to choose what part of the video that users want to have bouncing back. While this is a new and interesting addition to the Snapchat roster, it is unlikely to change the way Snapchat is used.

Adidas released its latest sneaker on Snapchat!

It looks as though more brands are turning to Snapchat to display their products to their audiences.

Earlier this year, Nike became the first brand to sell one of their products directly through Snapchat when they dropped the new Air Jordans on the app.

More recently, Adidas has followed suit and partnered with Darkstore to pre-release its new Falcon W design. Adidas dropped the sneakers on a new Snapchat show – Fashion 5 Ways. Users who watched the show had the option to swipe up and buy the sneakers through the app.

Chris Murphy, senior director of digital activation, North America at Adidas explained that the partnership with Snapchat “was all about coming closer to [the] consumer and bringing a unique brand experience to one of the platforms that they value the most.” Well it worked... the shoes sold out in six hours and the campaign created a new avenue for advertisers to offer their products through.

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