14th Jul 2017 by Helen Stirling

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Hey guys, not to take all the credit, this week's blog comes from Social Media Exec Sam Benzie. Though I did masterfully upload it.

Twitter gives users even more power

As of Monday, Twitter announced that there are new notification filters. They let users know via a tweet with a link to their support page, which explained to users how to make the most out of the changes. Users are now able to block or allow notifications from accounts that are new and that they don’t follow, as well as notifications from people who don’t follow them.

Following this, twitter is also cutting down on spam, giving users the ability to control notifications from accounts with default profile pictures, accounts without confirmed email addresses and ones without confirmed phone numbers. Notifications include, which tweets are being liked, the latest retweets, tweets directed to a user, and new followers.

Facebook just keeps surprising us!

There are currently three ways that a user can filter notifications:

A quality filter, muted words, and the advanced filters previously mentioned. Launched last year in August, according to Twitter it “filters lower-quality content from your notifications.” That could be anything from duplicate content to automated content. But it will not filter out accounts that users follow or interact with. It looks as though twitter is looking to continue its cull of fake accounts and spam accounts, cleaning up user’s timelines and allowing them to see exactly what they want to see.

Facebook tested this feature earlier this year in Thailand and Australia for a few user groups, but nothing more was offered, until now. Facebook is bringing us advertisers another gift! Ads in messenger! Facebook is working fast to make this option available to advertisers as early as the next few weeks.

The ads will follow the format of direct response ads. The ads abide to the desired usability of Messenger and work well with the new capabilities of M the new AI assistant.

Facebook are looking for new placements and ways to advertise on the platform, and it’s pretty clear that they are running out of inventory and ideas. With this new feature Facebook is hoping to solve this problem, by facilitating sales conversations for advertisers, with the help of personalised conversations. This new feature could change the game allowing ads to be sent directly to users with engagement being made easier.

A big one for you foodies!

Food is quite possibly the biggest source of inspiration for instagrammers, and it’s even better marketing for restaurants.

It’s said that in some cultures the appearance of food is more important than its flavour and taste. And I think we can all agree that this is true in the case of Instagram, with the look of the food taking priority over any kind of concerns about flavour. But at the same time, as I’m sure many are aware, is that getting an Instagram worthy photo of their food isn’t an easy feat. Especially when you’re in a restaurant and cannot control your lighting and surroundings, both of which are major factors in getting the right shot.

Well that was a problem until now! Dirty Bones, a restaurant in Soho, London has stepped up its game for the tech world by offering “foodie Instagram packs”.

Each kit contains everything you need for the best Instagram shots, “a portable LED camera light, a multi-device charger, a clip-on wide-angle camera lens and a tripod selfie stick for overhead table shots”. And what a perfect combination this is! Every food picture posted on Instagram ads as more promotion for the restaurant, and when they are high quality it only gets better. It all makes sense as to why this kit is being offered, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this caught on very fast!

LinkedIn is keeping its users up to date

LinkedIn users are getting several new customisable notifications to keep up to date. Staying up to date on LinkedIn is extremely important, with notifications playing a major role in this. Helping users connect to new people, start new conversations, find job opportunities, see when others do, and more.

It’s important to be able to control what users want to see, and what they don’t. LinkedIn is providing three new notification features to help with this:

Daily Rundown – This will give users a daily notification with a summary of the top news. With this notification, users will be able to know exactly what their connections have been discussing during the day.

Search Appearances – This notification will be weekly and will offer to tell users how many people found them in a LinkedIn search, as well as the companies the people searching for them work for. With this feature, users will see how they can optimise their profiles for those who view it.

Customise your notifications – Users will be able to control what notifications they receive, on both mobile and desktop. These settings include the options to mute, unmute, unfollow a connection directly, or the option to turn a certain notification type off, such as birthdays and article publications.

LinkedIn has also explained that users can also turn off the notifications on their own activity, not alerting other users when they update their profile, and that users can turn off the notifications in the privacy section of the profile settings. All of this benefiting users and lifting the LinkedIn user settings to the level of all the other social platforms.

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