13th Mar 2017 by Kalli Soteriou

Why Video Is So Hot On Social Media Right Now - 10 Yetis Insight Blog

Online video is booming. I’d confidently say a solid 90% of my day is spent watching videos - whether it’s Tom Hardy getting you ready for bed (yes please!), or a cat having it out with a sloth; video has become an integral part of, well, life!

This has translated through to social media strategies, and as a result we are seeing more and more brands churning out video content like there’s no tomorrow. So why are brands jumping on the audiovisual bandwagon? Well, it’s not just because Twitter’s predicted that 82% of traffic will come from video, or that Facebook has a whopping 1.13 billion daily active users meaning that the potential viewership is pretty huge. In a three-part vlog series, Rob and I delve into Facebook, YouTube and Twitter’s latest updates and discuss why video is so hot right now.

Part One – Facebook

In my opinion, Facebook is the best and most impactful platform for video right now. Not only has the channel impacted how we consume and deliver content online, but its also created the most robust social advertising platform out there.

In part one, we discuss Facebook’s latest developments including: Facebook’s first TV-based app, taking live-streaming to the next level and the impact this will have on brands and advertisers.

Part Two – YouTube

YouTube is the only platform at the moment that has the capabilities and support to challenge Facebook today. The channel definitely has the monopoly when it comes to content; with more than 300 hours of video content being uploaded every minute, an average of 5 billion videos watched each and every day and an audience size to rival its competitors (1.3 billion). So how is the channel attracting new audiences and continuing to grow in such a challenging environment?

In part two, Rob and I talk through YouTube’s latest update – YouTube TV - what this means for marketers, how it will impact influencers and turn marketing strategies on their head.

Part Three – Twitter

While the channel has essentially plateaued financially and in terms of user base, it’s also making some serious developments in its platform’s capabilities to host a range of rich media and allow content creators to really tap into video. It’s clear the impact video can have in social media campaigns, with the channel reporting they’ve seen a 50% increase in video tweets and that this kind of content is achieving 220k times more views than any other content.

Finally, part three looks at the challenges Twitter has faced in recent times and how it plans to work through these problems to deliver a more complete platform.

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