Lee Kum Kee Influencer Case Study

Lee Kum Kee is one of our long-standing social clients and we manage all of their European social channels. We work with them across influencer marketing as well as both paid and organic social media content.

Lee Kum Kee’s Ambitions

Recently, we have undertaken influencer marketing with Lee Kum Kee to grow awareness for new product launches, increase traffic to their eShop and create aesthetically pleasing content to re-use on their own channels and for advertising purposes.

Lee Kum Kee is an Asian household sauce brand with products stocked in all the major retailers within the UK (and around many parts of the world!) and they are loved by many families and Michelin Starred restaurants globally. They are the inventor of the famous Oyster Sauce and have over 132 years of heritage and authenticity, with a range of over 60 classic Chinese flavours in the UK and Europe.

In 2021, following the shift to online retail, Lee Kum Kee launched their eShop to sell all their individual and brand new cooking kits directly. To support the launch of their eShop we worked with influencers, seeing engagement rates as high as 31%.

“10Yetis did a fantastic job managing our influencer projects during our biggest annual campaign. They successfully achieved and exceeded all the set KPIs, and were paramount in helping us build strong relationships with influential people.”

Phoebe Liu, Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Approach & Results:

As part of the launch of Lee Kum Kee’s eShop and cooking kits we suggested working with a variety of influencers from size micro to mid-tier to produce high-quality images, recipes, and unboxing videos and Instagram Stories of the relevant kits (the Chinese Cooking Essentials and the Veg Voyage kit) to drive traffic to the eShop. The objective of working with influencers was to increase reach and traffic and create quality content for re-use. Additionally, throughout this campaign, our goal was to showcase the brand as relatable and family-orientated and to also inspire other foodies.

During this influencer campaign, we worked with a total of six influencers. In terms of deliverables, the first piece of content we asked the influencers to produce was a series of Instagram Stories unboxing their cooking kits upon arrival. We knew Stories were a vital feature to include in our collaborations as Instagram Stories have become so highly used (Instagram internal data show that Stories are used by 500 million users every day). Stories also offered the capability to use swipe ups to direct traffic to Lee Kum Kee’s eShop - which we utilised by providing influencers with personalised UTM links to allow us to accurately track how much traffic was driven from their Stories. Furthermore, the unboxing Stories also provided us with highly engaging video content which was perfect for re-using for Reels and TikToks!

The next deliverable we required as part of the influencer collaborations was a carousel of dish images featuring Lee Kum Kee’s products. We asked influencers to include an original recipe and provide a positive review of the products in the caption, ensuring to tag Lee Kum Kee. This was ideal for reach, engagement and content creation to re-purpose on Lee Kum Kee’s own pages and paid media.

We worked with micro-influencers such as Lilo Foodie and Yummy Umami for high engagement and high-quality content creation at a lower cost. Typically, these smaller-scale influencers actually have much more highly engaged audiences and their content comes across as more authentic and relatable. Within this campaign, we saw an engagement rate as high as 31% with a micro-influencer.

We also worked with macro-influencers such as So Vegan and Clerkenwell Boyce for large scale awareness, traffic and incredibly high-quality content creation. Typically, we would expect an engagement rate of about 1.8% for this size influencer, however, all influencers achieved engagement rates above 5%.

Overall, we saw amazing results for this influencer marketing campaign with a total reach of 500k+, a total of 200+ link clicks to the eShop via Instagram Stories, and all influencer posts achieving an engagement rate on their feed posts of at least 5%. Influencer campaigns are very successful in terms of gaining awareness, and specifically with this campaign, we achieved a massive 600% of our reach KPI. We achieved these results by ensuring we were highly selective when sourcing for influencers. We made sure influencers were highly relevant to the brand, always posted high-quality images and already had a highly engaged audience and strong engagement on previous posts.

We can’t wait to continue working with Lee Kum Kee on future influencer marketing campaigns! If you want to know more about how we can help with your social media campaigns or would like to develop your brand as a social media powerhouse, then get in touch – don’t be scared, we don’t bite!

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