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10 Yetis PR News

Sep 15th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations - Monday 15th September 2014

Happy Monday PR fans, Scott here to bring you my take on the activity over the weekend. Enjoy!

Good PR

Today's Good PR award goes to the LadBible.

Everyone's favourite cheeky site have pulled a cracker today to celebrate Prince Harry's 30th Birthday. The online community have covered a van with a giant billboard to celebrate the prince's 30th birthday.

Titled with the words 'Happy 30th Birthday Prince Harry' and the hashtag #HappyAsHarry, the van also features a picture of Prince Harry having a grope of Pippa Middleton's backside!

Whilst I'm sure many men are envious of Harry in the picture, it's a really funny and clever way for the LadBible to promote their often frowned upon site.


Image courtesy of The LadBible/Twitter

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR goes to the ever controversial Kanye West.

The infuriating rapper, come producer, has had an absolute nightmare at a recent gig, where he asked all of those in the crowd to stand on their feet - refusing to perform his next song until they did.

For a start, who does Kanye West think he is? He very clearly has one inflated ego to think everyone must stand for him - I'm surprised he didn't asked them to bow at his feet whilst he was at it.

If this wasn't bad enough, the Gold Digger singer (ironic, eh?) sent his security guards over to investigate why two young audience members had not got to her feet. Then came incredibly prolonged awkwardness, in which Kanye West refused to perform, claiming that either they stand or get thrown out. The crowd then proceeded to chant 'stand up' at the presumably terrified youngsters. These two young audience members had a very good reason for not standing up... they were in wheelchairs.

Kanye you are well and truly a douche bag.


Image courtesy of Mail Online

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 15/09/2014

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Sep 12th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations - Friday 12th September 2014

The weekend is heeeerrree... and no better time than right now to catch up on today's Good & Bad PR. Enjoy x

Good PR

With tragic beginnings, the news broke today that Manchester Dogs Home was attacked by a blaze which tore through the building, destroying the premises and taking the lives of 60 canines. The naturally heartbreaking story attracted genuine media attention, with communities jumping on board to help out. Local heroes were named for helping rescue dogs from the flames, many people have come forward to rehome those who survived the awful ordeal and, financially, the Home has seen a jawdropping surge in kind donations, raising almost £500,000 on their JustGiving at the time of writing.

It's difficult (and no doubt controversial) to give an organisation a Good PR nom after a disaster such as that, where lives were lost, and by no means was it at all intentional or part of any PR campaign, but the incredible awareness and emotive emphathy that has been raised due to this horrible incident is the result of sensitive reporting and genuine communication from the Home. The support of the community and response of the wider British public definitely grants this my Good PR of the day.

Public Relations

Bad PR

There's misdirected social media, offensive tweets and poor decisions... and then there's the Windsor Liquid nightclub. Good lord. I have no idea if this (national) chain actually employs people to properly manage their marketing and public relations and, at the moment, I am hoping that they don't. Because if they do have actual social media and marketing managers, they are surely going to get fired.

Their beautiful and in no way inappropriate tweet was accompanied by the below picture and reads, with almost poetic fluency:

Want to end up like her? We're giving away a free booth to groups of girls this friday. DM [direct message] us #Mortal

Public Relations

Now, really, what about this wouldn't appeal to groups of girls? Where better is there to spend a Friday evening than in this shining example of an institution, who clearly values these young women, while respecting their right to consent, safety and happiness?

Urgh. Bad PR.

PR Leanne 10Yetis Leanne posted on 12/09/2014

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Sep 11th 2014

10 Yetis Insight Blog- Online PR VS. Traditional PR

Hello all, Yeti Lauren here and today it is once again my turn to bring you all 10 Yetis weekly Insight Blog, in order to give you a little more understanding on the crazy industry that we call PR. Today I will be discussing online PR and traditional PR, outlining the differences and similarities as well as how the two are both still extremely important in their own right.

Whilst there are VERY few industries who can honestly state that the emergence of the internet and technological advances over the past 20 years has not affected them hugely, PR has surely got to be one of the most changed trades.

The internet has completely revolutionised the practice of public relations. It hasn't just altered how the way in which PR practitioners interact with each other, clients and journalists, it has also changed communication techniques themselves.

Whilst completing my final year of university studying for a PR degree just last year, I was educated on the importance of the ever-changing face of public relations, and how being able to explore and experiment with new technologies and new ways of getting our messages across. It was also imperative for me and my fellow classmates to acclimatise ourselves to the transparency of our working environments, due in huge part, to social media.

Email, as well as platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs (such as this one!) mean that those specialising in Online PR have the ability to contact individuals from anywhere in the world, whenever it is suitable for them. The speed of being able to email a large group of media contacts and talk to clients via skype means less time spent travelling and in meetings, and more time dedicated to working on specific actions and projects for clients. Having said this, I do feel that meetings with ongoing clients are crucial at least once every three or four months in order to a proper extended catch-up to discuss all aspects of their accounts.

Here at 10 Yetis, whilst we clearly embrace all things online and SEO related, we are constantly striving to keep the best element of traditional PR exercises a key part of how we operate. For example, once we have sent out client press releases, we make sure that we dedicate a substantial amount of time researching relevant journalists and chasing them up on the telephone to see if it is of interest to them. Whilst there is an ongoing debate in PR over whether or not the sell-in via phone technique is a good idea, with some agencies arguing it is a waste of time and that more than anything it will annoy journalists, we respectfully disagree. I have actually personally found that some of the very best pieces of client coverage and journalist relationships I've secured have been as a result of speaking directly to journalists over the phone and forging strong relationships with different individuals.

One great example of how the online PR and traditional PR crossover has benefitted me is through making sure I am always following the #JournoRequest hashtag on twitter, which is an absolutely fantastic resource for any PR's. By making initial contact through twitter with any requests of use to my clients, I have then used a good old phone call in order to form a relationship and rapport with a journalist which will hopefully help our agency stick in their minds the next time they are writing up a similar story.

In a simpler time, and a less digital era, you spoke to journalists who worked on newspapers or magazines and that was it. PR's now have to also target online and digital teams as well. It can therefore be somewhat of a tricky task deciphering exactly where to send different press releases and news announcements when you are ideally attempting secure coverage across print, broadcast AND online. Although, having said that, I have lost count of the times I have been contacted by a print journalist after they've seen an online piece I generated, or vice versa, so you never know just who might be interested in that you have to offer.

Ultimately, as we travel further into the decade, the changes we will face as PR's will be just as significant as the ones already experienced in the past. All we can do is keep a forward-thinking attitude and roll with the times!

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Sep 11th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Thursday 11th September 2014

Happy Thursday folks! The sun has been shining this week, so let's hope it continues through to the weekend. Today's Good and Bad PR brings you Napoleon Dynamite and Scottish Independence. Enjoy- Scott.

Good PR

There was just so much to choose from today that I have to share out the Good PR award! Indecisive, maybe, but these two really made me smile.

The first recipient of the Good PR award for today is Jon Heder, better known as Napoleon Dynamite, who has sent a very touching good luck message to a 12-year old leukaemia patient.

Mary Elizabeth Paris, who is undergoing a bone marrow transplant, explained to her nurses that she enjoyed few things more than the Napoleon Dynamite, so they brought her a copy of the film.

After hearing of all this, Heder posted a good luck video message for Mary donning his trademark Napoleon Dynamite character. It's a real touching thing to do, so huge respect from me for Jon Heder. You can watch the video below.

The second recipient of my Good PR award is Samsung and HTC. Apple's main competitors have truly capitalised on the collapse and disappointment of the IPhone 6 launch.

The two companies released images showing that Apple's Iphone 6 is in fact behind the times, and copying their previous releases. Experts have claimed that everything that Apple have done post-Steve Jobs has been 'reactionary'



A special mention must also go to all of those who lost their lives 13 years ago during the September 11th attacks. May you rest in peace.

Bad PR

Now for today's Bad PR award, which goes to the 'Yes' vote camp of Scottish independence.

Whilst I fully respect the Yes camp's wish for independence, they have received a massive blow for their campaign today, which is extremely bad PR for them.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, along with a few other Scottish banks, have confirmed that should the country break away from the United Kingdom, then they will move their offices to London.

This would be a huge blow to the country's economy, and certainly for the Yes vote.


PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 11/09/2014

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Sep 9th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Tuesday 9th September 2014

Good morning all, Lauren here with Tuesday's slice of good and bad PR coming your way. Enjoy.

Good PR

Those global superstars One Direction have done it again and pulled what I like to call a Beyonce Knowles. Mirroring the diva and her attempt at promoting her last album, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis decided to give the hardcore directioner fans 24 hours to download their new single for free ahead of the release of their fourth album later on in the year (November 17th).

Understandably, this sent twitter into a complete frenzied meltdown yesterday, with the official One Direction site seemingly crippled under the sudden rush of traffic. The song, title 'Fireproof', was co-written by members of the band Louis and Liam, as well as song writing team of John Ryan, Jamie Scott and Julian Bunetta, who were also behind the mammoth 2013 hit 'Story Of My Life'.

Memorable fan comments made online in the past 24 hours include such gems as:


"This is 911 what is your emergency" "One Dir-" "Yes, One Direction's new song we've had many calls about that already"#fireproof"

"four years of one direction four years of happiness four years of love four years of fangirling four years of tears"

This is an extremely clever move on the bands part, not only considering the average age of their fans is around 11 and what 11-year old doesn't appreciate a free download every now and then? Also, with all the recent controversy surrounding Louis and Zayn's alleged drug use in Peru, this should go towards helping repair the reputational damage.

Bad PR

I certainly wouldn't want to be in Rachel Riley's shoes at the moment.

It has FINALLY been confirmed this week that the Countdown and 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown Presenter has been dating her Strictly Come Dancing partner Pasha Kovalev after months of speculation.

During the last series of the popular BBC 1 programme, which has just begun its latest run, the maths genius left her husband and childhood sweetheart James Gilbert after only 16 months of marriage. This understandably raised eyebrows at the time, due in part to the undeniable chemistry between the two dancers on screen, but nothing was ever publicly confirmed, until now.

Today, The Metro is reporting that Mr Kovalev has admitted to another newspaper that the couple have been dating since the start of this summer.

Hmmmmm, seems a little convenient that they just happened to begin dating this summer when they finished dancing together late last year. It also seems a little coincidental this has emerged just as the new series of Strictly (minus Bruce) is starting.

Let's just hope for the new couples sake that neither of them sign up for any reality TV in the future.........

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 09/09/2014

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