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10 Yetis PR News

Apr 27th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Monday 27th April 2015

Happy Monday PR fans! Scott here to bring you my take on this weekend's Good and Bad PR!

Good PR

The weekend saw Bruce Jenner finally come clean about his gender swap.

The former Olympic athlete and star of the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians gave an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer about the rumours that had been circling his private life.

Jenner admitted that he was now a woman in an emotional interview. The reaction has been superb, with undeniable support coming from the majority of Hollywood, despite a few idiotic comments from some.

It's Good PR for Bruce for finally being at one with himself and who he is, as well as the celebrity community for coming out and supporting Bruce and his decision.

Bad PR

It's Bad PR for David Cameron today.

Whilst giving a speech over the weekend, the Prime Minister made a bit of a blunder by declaring West Ham as his side, despite being an Aston Villa.

Whilst their kits are mistakable, both playing in claret and blue, it's unforgivable from Cameron. Who forgets what side they support?!

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 27/04/2015

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Apr 24th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Friday 24th April 2015

Happy Friday, dear readers! Here's the good, the bad and, to hell with it, the controversial...

Good PR
Our beloved high street chocolate brand, Cadburys, has been leapfrogging all sorts of weird and wonderful new creations recently, launching flavours including Daim and Oreo among many others. For those chocolate commitment-phobes who find it hard to choose what they want to go for, the big brand is now launching a new bar with a little of everything. That's right, folks, the new 'super sharing bar' is 200g and will feature seven different flavours; Fruit & Nut, Caramel, Oreo, Daim, Turkish delight, Whole Nut and the original Dairy Milk.

Sadly for the consumer but happily on the PR front, this is all a limited edition ruse - with only 50 bars to give away as part of an upcoming Twitter campaign.

public relations

Bad PR

ITV daytime programme, This Morning, has come a long way since its Rich and Judy days. Forget book club, it's now all about bondage and semen facials. As a result, a lot of the retired folk and mums with tots are less than happy about what's shown between half ten to half twelve.

Never one to shy away from attention, This Morning planners seem entirely unrelenting and, after the scandal of the 50 shades segment, have confirmed that they are now searching for guests who will discuss the merits of semen facials in the studio - and bring along a sample with them to demonstrate. Lovely! Why wouldn't you want to watch that over your croissants? Vote with your remotes, people.

public relations

Controversial (Good) PR

A new hidden secret has been discovered on Google Maps. This time, it's getting political.

Those cheeky bods at Google have inset a cartoon featuring the Android bot urinating on the Apple... apple. So far, so controversial. Their spokesperson has now said that these edits sometimes 'accidently' slip through, and they are now working on getting the issue removed.

public relations

PR Leanne 10Yetis Leanne posted on 24/04/2015

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Apr 23rd 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Thursday 23rd April 2015

Happy Thursday all! Scott here to bring you today's take on Good and Bad PR.

Good PR

There was so much I could've written about today! From the Dad who gave his daughter a t-shirt with a picture of him topless to scare off any potential partners to the passengers who saved a man in a wheelchair that fell on the subway tracks.

Today I give my Good PR award to a PR stunt from Marvel, who have erected miniature billboards in the run up to their newest film, Ant-Man.

The film, starring Paul Rudd, is due to be releases soon and his 'superpower' is the ability to shrink to the size of an Ant. The tiny billboards were erected across cities in Australia and really are a great PR stunt. I love it!


Images courtesy of The Drum

Bad PR

Again, there were many options for today's Bad PR award. I was tempted to give it to David Cameron after his performance on Radio 1's Live Lounge yesterday, but thought I'd stay clear of politics.

Instead, the award goes to JD Sports after it was revealed that one of their store assistants in London laughed at a gay couple and called them 'a pair of battys'. The term comes from Jamaica as an offensive slur towards homosexuals.

It's definitely Bad PR for the sports company and I would expect them to take action immediately.

PR Blog

Image courtesy of Internet Retailing

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 23/04/2015

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Apr 22nd 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Good morning all. Here's today's good and bad PR for your enjoyment. Sam :)

Good PR

It seems today is a day for good news; The recent unaired episodes of Top Gear will be edited into one special edition episode to be aired at some point later in the year, 90s sitcom 'Full House' is set to make a return, with Netflix committing to making 13 episodes called 'Fuller House' (yet unknown if the Olsen Twins will make an appearance), and Cuptails are now a real thing...

Yep, the Lena Rose Bakery in London has created and launched cocktail cupcakes, "Cuptails", and you can now purchase them by the dozen.

It's quite simple, each cupcake is made beautifully with the according cocktail garnish, and sticking out the top you'll find a pipette filled with alcohol which you squeeze straight into the cake (not your mouth) in order to infuse the cupcake.

They come in a variety of flavours, including Woo Woo, Appletini, Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Strawberry Daiquiri. How badly do you want one right now?! Although, please don't forget they're alcoholic and consume them at work / before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Bad PR

Discussing a woman's body size is always going to be a controversial topic - you'll always have some who agree with you and some who don't, taking what you say to heart as though it's a personal attack.

This is exactly what happened on Loose Women yesterday.

When discussing obese teenagers and whether or not the High Street was promoting obesity by providing clothing in certain sizes, Jamelia made the comment that she felt unhealthy body sizes should have specialised shops to buy clothes from, should feel uncomfortable with their body size, and shouldn't be allowed to shop on the High Street.

I'm not going to bring my own personal opinion in to this right now, but viewers quickly took to Twitter to call Jamelia out on her comments, calling her an idiot, asking if she suggests larger / skinnier women go naked, and requesting for her to be removed from the show.

Whatever your personal opinion on the matter, it's an interesting topic indeed. Jamelia voiced her opinion, the public didn't agree and now they're expressing their views.

You can keep informed whenever we share our daily thoughts on good and bad PR by signing up to our snazzy newsletter - just click HERE.

PR Samantha 10Yetis Samantha posted on 22/04/2015

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Apr 21st 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Tuesday 21st April 2015

Hello all, Lauren here to bring you yet another Tuesday fix of Good and PR from right here at Yeti Towers HQ.

Good PR

An absolutely heart-warming video from the team at Pandora is the recipient of today's good pr.

The jewellery company, a particular favourite amongst mothers, has used a brand new video on its website to highlight the "unique connection" between a mother and child which features young children picking out their mothers from a line-up while totally blindfolded.

Though an ad for the companies new customised line of gifts, the video, which has no dialogue, will no doubt strike a chord with mothers around the world.

I have just sent the video around the office here at Yeti HQ, and our pregnant colleague (aka a prime target for this kind of campaign) is almost in tears.

Job well done Pandora!

Bad PR

Not a great day for Radio 1 breakfast host and super cool hipster Nick Grimshaw as it's rumoured his bosses are fuming he had to call in sick yesterday with a reported 'lost voice'.

The 30 year old presenter, who counts A-listers Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Harry Styles amongst his close friends, spent a long weekend partying with friends in Turkey to celebrate the opening of Soho House Istanbul. However, his twitter account seemed to insinuate he and his friends partied too hard, as by Sunday night Nick was complaining of a disappeared voice.

Radio 1 bosses were not happy that Monday's show had to call in emergency presenter Scott Mills, who had to take Nick's place and announce the full line-up of the upcoming 'Big Weekend' in Norwich.

According to the Mail Online, show bosses were 'livid', adding: 'It was a big day for the station so bad timing.'

This is not the first time Nick has landed in hot water with his bosses. His ratings have struggled ever since the station lost previous breakfast host Chris Moyles, and the DJ often discusses the fact he's turned up to work either hungover or without sleep.

Bring back Moylesy I say. It hasn't been the same since he left!

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 21/04/2015

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