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Nov 25th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR - Tuesday 25th November 2014

Morning PR fans, Scott here to bring you today's Good and Bad PR instalment. Enjoy!

Good PR

Today's Good PR award goes to a heart warming story.

A stray dog in Ecuador followed an extreme sports team who were taking part in the Adventure Racing World Championships in the Amazon.

After feeding the dog a meatball, the team tried to shake him, mainly for his own safety, but failed. The dog, named Arthur followed them through gruelling stages, and formed a trued bond with the team of four.

They have since taken Arthur home to Sweden with them to adopt him, with one team member, Mikael Lindnord's, daughter Philippa meeting Arthur at the airport.


Bad PR

Today's Bad PR award goes to Rosebud Restaurant, an eatery in Chicago.

One of their young employees, Jonathan Larson is a cancer sufferer who asked for some time off to have surgery. Instead, the 19-year old was fired by his manager, being told to 'just leave.'

Thankfully, despite his manager's best efforts, Jonathan is close to a full recovery after being diagnosed 4 years ago. An internal investigation
will be taking part as a result of this incident.

Shame on you, Rosebud.


PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 25/11/2014

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Nov 24th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR - Monday 24 November 2014

Hello there PR Peeps, As always, Nick here with Monday's Good and Bad PR Awards, I hope you all agree!

Good PR

I think we'll have to start today with a light-hearted number from the recently troubled retailer, Tesco.

When two students recently attended their film night, they were shocked and appalled to find that their favourite brand of popcorn was sold out in their local Tesco. To express their dissatisfaction, the articulate students complained in particularly creative fashion, by penning a sonnet directly to former Chairman, Sir Richard Broadbent, which highlighted just how sad they were at the lack of popcorn.

In spite of their recent financial faux-pas', Tesco responded in superb style (albeit 2 months later), by composing their very own poem, in which they informed their customers that they could find their preferred popcorn flavours at other stores nearby.

Now those cynical/discerning folk among you will feel this might have a whiff of a stunt about it, but that wont matter as it has clearly grabbed the attention in a positive light they were after and if it wasn't, well then bravo to Tesco for a fine display of customer service.

public relations

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR is being awarded to the Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen designed winter wonderland 'The Magical Journey' at the Belfry Golf Club in Warwickshire.

The attraction had been billed as 'the most amazing experience ever seen' for kids as the excitement of Christmas builds, however, the experience was never fully finished, yet opened it's doors. This was followed by thousands of complaints from disgruntled parents after the key attractions were either broken or not managed properly leading to extensive delays, elves were seen actively smoking by piles of rubbish and parts of the experience were not decorated at all, all for the costly sum of £75 for a family of four.

As a result, the attraction was closed after just one day and the Event Director's ill-appreciated comment that he hoped visitors would not notice the lack of completion will only serve to turn potential visitors off, even though the experience plans to re-open on Wednesday.

Surely better to delay the launch than the jeopardise the whole season...

public relations

public relations

Images courtesy of the Daily Mail

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PR Nick Sadler 10Yetis Nick Sadler posted on 24/11/2014

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Nov 24th 2014

10 Yetis Insight Blog - What 10 Things to Expect in a PR Pitch as a Potential Client

If you've decided to take the leap and outsource your PR activity to a public relations agency, whether you've tackled it in-house previously or you haven't done anything before, you're probably going to have some kind of pitching process.

The agencies you invite along will turn up armed with their very best persuasion techniques and a whole list of successful campaigns they've handled to brag about, as well as a hypnotherapist to put you under and convince you that they are the agency you need to work with. Relax, I'm kidding. We've only ever done that once.

Anyway, as a potential client of said agencies, there are certain things you should come to expect to see in a PR pitch; certain snippets of information that you should get given. The sign of a good PR pitch is that you won't really have many questions to ask after the agency has run through their proposal or ideas, because they explained everything clearly.

So, what exactly should this pitch include and what should you expect to see once you've let the agencies get a foot in the door? Here is our comprehensive list of what to expect and what to ask about if something from this list seems to be missing:

1. Does the Pitch Match the Brief?

If you've provided the PR agencies that you've invited in to pitch with a brief, make sure their pitch covers everything you may have asked for within that document. If the team stood before you, all puppy dog eyes and 'please pick us', fail to cover a number of the points in your brief, it probably means they either haven't read it properly or they have conveniently forgotten to put a few points in their presentation because they have nothing impressive to offer on the matter.

2. Team and Agency Details

Any PR proposal or presentation should include some information about the agency, such as how it started, how long it has been running and some agency highlights from the last few years. Has the agency won awards and, if so, what far? How big is the agency? What is the agency's structure? There should also be a 'meet the team' section of the presentation, so you can learn a bit about who works at the agency and what their varied experience may be.

3. Objectives

Although it sometimes seems odd when a PR agency presents back to you the objectives you've told them about or put in your brief, the agency should always recap on these points. This is a sign they've taken your objectives on board. Sometimes, the agency will include a GAP analysis to show they understand what stage your brand is at currently, where you want to end up and how to get there through the power of PR.

4. Case Studies

If you've done your homework, the agencies that you've invited to pitch for your account probably have experience in your sector or industry. However, you should always expect to see some example case studies in a PR pitch that are relevant in some way to your company. For instance, if your business is in the fashion sector, you should expect to see some examples of when the agency has carried out PR activity that has involved fashion publications and titles. This is a good indication that the agency will do well for you, so if the agencies haven't worked in your sector before it probably means they don't have the good contacts they will need to get you decent coverage.

5. Cuttings

As well as the case study examples, the agency should also present to you some of the coverage they have achieved for these clients. It is all well and good them telling you they've handle campaigns in your sector before, but if that activity didn't actually achieve any media coverage it doesn't really mean anything. Expect to see a few coverage examples that they have secured.

6. Target Media

Talking of good contacts, the agencies pitching to you will also need to show you the target media they would reach out to if they were to handle your PR campaign. This will never be a completely exhaustive list, because there will always be too many to mention, but the agency should always demonstrate that they understand who your target audience is and which media titles they would aim to secure coverage in for you.

7. Ideas

During their pitch, the agency should put forward some suggested ideas. This will usually be a few suggestions that will give you an idea of what kind of activity they would carry out. This is the part that's really meant to impress you. You'll know at this point if you're on the same page as the agency and if you could get along with their way of thinking. If the ideas are way off the mark, it'll help you make a decision.

8. Example Plan

Alongside the suggested ideas, you should expect to see a template of a campaign plan. The agency will lay out how the activity would fit onto a timeline and could either be a week-by-week plan or split into months. This won't always be completely detailed, unless a contract or NDA has already been signed, but it will help you to know what to expect should you decide to work with them.

9. Prices

Before you invite the agency along to pitch, you should give them some indication of the budget you have set aside for PR activity. This will prevent situations whereby you end up speaking to agencies with fees you simply cannot afford. Once the pitch is underway, you should be given some indication of what the agency would charge for the activity they've suggested. If they've left you in the dark about their prices, make sure you ask the question.

10. Other Services

If you've just invited the agency in to discuss PR activity, they should also tell you about other services they offer. This could include activity such as social media campaigns or advice, wider marketing services, video production/editing or other offerings. If you're looking to outsource some of the other activity they mention they could do, it makes sense to keep as much as possible with one provider.

That's all folks! If you have some agencies lined up to come along for a PR pitch, keep these ten points in the back of your mind and check that it's all there in their presentation.

PR Shannon 10Yetis Shannon posted on 24/11/2014

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Nov 21st 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Friday 21st November 2014

Happy Friday folks! The 10 Yetis crew are off to the CIPR awards do tonight, so watch out Bristol! Kick off your weekend with my take on Good and Bad PR! Scott :)

Good PR

Today's Good PR award goes to First Great Western who have launched a campaign to get all of the lost teddy bears from their lost and found back to their rightful owners.

As someone who lost their favourite teddy bear on holiday when they were younger (I still haven't forgiven you Dad, if you're reading...), it's life changing to lose your favourite bear.

It's a great campaign by First Great Western, which will get them some great coverage and a positive name.


Bad PR

Today's Bad PR goes to Dave Whelan and Wigan football club.

The north-west based club have hired shamed former Cardiff manager, Malky Makay, as their new manager. Makay is, of course, still under investigation for racist and sexist text messages he sent whilst manager at Cardiff.

Despite this, Wigan have hired him and Dave Whelan has thrown in his own dubious comments. Whelan has stated that 'Jews don't like losing money' and that 'Chinks' is an acceptable phrase for Chinese.


PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 21/11/2014

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Nov 20th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Thursday 20th November 2014

Happy Thursday PR fans! It's Scott here to bring you today's take on Good and Bad PR. Today's post contains both good and bad celebrities. Enjoy!

Good PR

We all know about this year's Band Aid effort, which is undoubtedly brilliant.

There has, however, been an attempt to rival it this year by UNICEF. The children's charity have gained permission to use John Lennon's Imagine from his widowed-wife, Yoko Ono.

The latest track of Imagine contains countless global stars, such as Katy Perry, Will.I.Am and Nicole Scherzinger. It also allows a viewer to sing their own line for the track, making this the World's biggest sing-a-long.

The song is to celebrate the 25th anniversary Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR heads to the I'm a Celebrity Jungle over in Australia. Gemma Collins, 'star' of the reality TV show TOWIE, has left the jungle after only 3 days.

The pampered wanna-be couldn't even handle 3 days in the jungle - claiming that she loved herself too much to put herself through the jungle experience.

If this all isn't bad enough, the reality TV actress is set to pocked £40,000 based on her 3 days there. 40,000 thousand ponds!!!! Most people dream of this as an annual salary, yet Collins received this for being a total wimp after 3 days. Ridiculous!


PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 20/11/2014

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